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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Pink Rock - Sharjah - 17 Sep 2021

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Thanks again @Janarthan for leading such a thrilling drive, your choice of tracks and the overall itinerary kept me entertained throughout the drive, esp the Hill climbs, love those.

@Niki Always a pleasure to have you as a part of the convoy. Your way of delivering instructions calmly and handling the sticky situations never fails to impress me. Thanks for helping the Convoy stay on its feet. 
@Foxtrot Oscar Was amazing to catch up with you after such a while. Having you in the convoy always makes the drive much more entertaining and fun, looking forward towards a drive with you 😁

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A picture says a 1000 Words. So I will start with the pictures of this beautiful ride. The words will come soon 

Thanks again @Janarthan for leading such a thrilling drive, your choice of tracks and the overall itinerary kept me entertained throughout the drive, esp the Hill climbs, love those. @Niki Always

Thank you so much @Janarthanfor the wonderful drive this morning! It was the perfect way to break my sand sabbatical. It was great to see some familiar faces out there too, @Abdul Rafay-S throwin

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@Janarthan what a treat!  Thanks for the challenging and fun drive!  Lengthy periods of radio silence tell of the challenge and concentration needed!  Learnt loads from you and @Foxtrot Oscar 🙏🏽 … felt like a student throughout!   

@TT_Dubai great to see you again and flawless SL.  @Abdul Rafay-S making these drives look effortless!  The convoy was superb throughout.. and the breaks to cool down the cars were welcome and in beautiful spots!  @Enrico Biscaro your drive report shows how self aware you are and humbling to see self reflection and learning published for all to benefit from!  Thankyou! 

@Hilal Sharafudeen  & @Gilbert Khalil your first FB and you both were flawless!  Text book self recoveries, such a positive and fun energy and cannot wait to join you all on a ride again soon.  

added a few pics to our gallery - Enrico love your landscape shots and I have been expirementimg with monochrome in the gallery.  

The one below reminds me of that feeling when your sibling dresses better and works out more than you! 



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Hi @Enrico Biscarofor your first Fewbie drive I you did really well. 😃 I had a good view of you in my mirrors and even in the tricky areas you tackled them well!  You communication on the radio is excellent. I mentioned at one of the drive breaks and your post drive report just reinforces that 👍.  You have all the correct enhancements on your Pajero to take this hobby to the next level and looking forward to more drives! Hope the cooling issue is an easy fix and there are plenty of Pajero owners here who can offer ideas if needed. 

@Niki@Abdul Rafay-Slovely post drive reports! Thanks!

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On 9/18/2021 at 8:47 AM, Enrico Biscaro said:

First and Foremost I would like to thank @@Janarthan for taking us to a fantastic place, @Foxtrot Oscar for her heartily laugh in any situation and @Nikifor generously spraying my transmission radiator when my tenperature was high.

This was my first newbie drive and what a blast.

I loved the more sustained pace and the extra challenge, which I am happy the car was able to handle. As for the driver I learned

1. You MUST be concentrated at all time. The 3 refusal I had came 2 in a moment when I was chatting with my wife. The third one shortly after we all congratulated ourselves for the ride before climbing the last hill. Lesson learn no more. 

2. Keep your distance. While I believe I did well there I had one refusal when the car in front of me had a bit of difficulties ridging and I did not notice (distraction) so I had to stop in a spot where I could not go forward anymore. 

3. I still need to tune in the momentum and acceleration when coming off ridges on the soft side. I had it right most of the time. I noticed that it is better when, instead of lifting completely the gas when momentum is sufficient you keep some throttle. This requires less initial momentum and to fine tune your feet. I have it in my brain now, I assume practice will melas me improve this sensitivity. 

4. My transmission temperature acted up. Thanks all for the patience. This is the first time it happens. I am gonna have my car checked. 

5. Climbing. I might be light, but my gear acts up when climbing in a way I have not figure out yet so I often change gear when I do not want to whether in full auto or tiptronic. I guess I will need to climb more. What I am happy to see, and my wife too, is that I never  fought gravity and I manage to steer down before I feel the momentum is gone allowing me to safely point my front wheel down before is too late. 

6. I am particularly happy with my instinct in one refusal where I could not ridge, right so I went left following gravity instead of fighting it. 

In all I self recovered in alll occasion. I am happy about the small MOD I made. I can see the lift and the tire make a difference in the newbie drives. 

One last word about tire pressure. I start my drives at 11, I finish above 12. Should I start at 10 (without having a pop up) as I decently noticed I tend to have more refusal toward the last third of the drives. 


Thanks all for the great drive and the patience with my transmission :-)

A special mention to our second lead, ready to climb mountains to land an Hand!  @TT_Dubai


I can freely share all the full res picture is anyone is interested. 




Many Pajeros are a bit sensitive on the transmission cooler side. Especially the models 2018 till now they seem to have more issues, OR they let the oil cooler temperature warning appear earlier in comparison with the older models (Vanessa's 2008 model never has this issue). 

Most popular solution is to add an external cooling fan and mount it in front of the transmission cooler. On the other hand you have the cooler season now coming the next coming weeks so if i were you i would wait a couple more drives to see if this issue persists or not. @Anish S and many other are happy with the extra cooling fan and seems to solve the issue. I wrote a topic on this a while back:



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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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6 hours ago, TT_Dubai said:

first Fewbie drive

Thanks! It means a lot coming form you

5 hours ago, Frederic said:

the models 2018

Mine is 2014. Definitely need to investigate. I have an appointment with mechanic next Saturday. In the meanwhile I will bring water. 

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