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Alex Raptor has been promoted to Support Team

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I expect to see the turbocharge drone with a winch soon @Alex Raptor, now you can justify becuase of the increased group responsibilities !

Congratulations @Alex Raptor for joining the Support Team with Carnity Offroad Club.  Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe env

All i can say is ALEXcellent!! @Alex Raptor. Congratulations, super happy for you , your enthusiasm, presence of mind and the amazing gadgets you bring in with that monster raptor. Enjoy !!

Well deserved @Alex Raptor, you’ve been already a support in many drives before this promotion. Happy to see this is appreciated now, and to the next level with more responsibilities and commitment.. look forward to meet you again (which I think will be difficult after the promotion 😉)

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Congratulations @Alex Raptor, with or without title, you have always been a key support in the convoy! Your skills and supportive spirit are very much appreciated, along with the capabilities of your amazing vehicle !

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