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My Jeep Wrangler 2014 locked me out!

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Hi All, 

Went for drive and left the Jeep running while briefing was on. Somehow the Jeep auto locked itself when i closed the door before going for briefing. Had to drive back for a spare key.

Cannot understand why it happened and need help on how to avoid it. On the other hand, I have closed the Jeep door in similar conditions during post drive air ups where Jeep is running for powering the compressor and doors are closed but they do not auto lock. 

Need help on what happened and how to avoid other than a spare key option.

Thank you.

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Hello @Ramandbx, i think i drive the same car, i find it very strange that the Jeep auto locked. In my experience the Jeep does not have any kind of auto lock, not even when crossing a preset speed like in other cars, for eg. my ford explorer locks all doors once it crosses 10kmph speed.

The only possibility i can think of is that you/something hit the lock switch by mistake and the door was closed.

When i bought the Jeep, for the fist couple of months i did not know the car's behaviour w.r.t auto lock , so i used to leave the door open, not wide open, but i would leave it "unlatched", just touching the gasket and then  move around , like when you went for the briefing. Once i noticed that the car doesnt care about its locks :-) i started closing doors fully.

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