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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - 'Return to Faqa' - AD/Dubai - 8 Oct 2021

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It was a great drive and an excellent crew. Thanks @Wrangeldfor leading, we may have not accomplished what you wanted to but still it was a smooth and very enjoyable one.

Great you shared your tyre experience. Some folks from the convoy know that I went through a tyre misery recently I needed to change my old BF A/T tyres - they were hug, heavy and very old, couldn't pass the registration with those. I went for the golden standard Yokohama G015 A/T . I also had issues with my rim size, it was just too wide for that tyre size. Stretching the tyre to a point where deflation didn't really get reflected in the shape. After spending an arm and a leg to fix all these, our drive was a game changer experience for me.Exactly as mentioned above, I first time felt great control over my car. All the technical dunes, climbs I sorted out in the past with using brute-force and horsepower which I could manage fine. However now it felt more like walk in the park. (In some cases I got even too confident that the Jeep will climb with a slight touch on the gas pedal - that's where @Christopher Assal you saw my recovery).

Long story short - don't run to change your tires but unbelievable how much different it makes when you select the right size, type, pressure, etc

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Thank you @Wrangeld for leading us into a quite new track. We did enjoy a very diversed playground, probably not as technical as you expected though

It's interesting to understand from you the steps and to see the reasoning when it comes to new modification or equipment in your car. 

 It was good to see all of you, and given the nature of the sand, I feel we had very few refusals and stucks and everyody drove pretty good. @Charbel, very well done for you first FB+ !

Thanks @Christopher Assal also very nice to see you master your skills with your Safari too and your company at the back always pleasant 

@Archibald Jurdi nice to meet you. Looking at you climbing the dunes in your TJ - moreover a manual - was scenic.

Same for @Anoop Nair, respect for the manual drivers 

@Adhir Saxena good to see you and your enthusiasm during recoveries and @Chris Wing you definitely can go anywhere with your FJ 

@Pacific perfect second lead (and i know what I'm talking about ;)

@Tbone very nice job, sorting out all the recoveries.

Overall, from the back, the convoy really looked very disciplined and skillful. Have a lovely week everyone and see you soon !





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As we are moto enthusiasts @WrangeldI believe even minor change we bring to our toys excites us. You got big change bringing the joy of new drive. I saw the real excitement in your eyes. Happy for you. The red color of Mitsubishi logo on wheels is killer.👏👏


Of course the sand was way softer than ever expected, though enjoyed it thoroughly considering the technical aspects. 

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