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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Murquab to Al Hathmah - Dubai - 15 Oct 2021

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Showing up to a Pajero party in the morning @salah2u& @Mohammed Mansoor's menacing Y62s to @Sara EL FANIDI's limber SWB JK, @Joji vargheseand his skill-full murdered-out Fortuner, @Rsjiv Samuel's clean lines FJC, and of course @James Thorn's beefy beast - thank you for evening out the marques ;)🤣

I joke because with a total driving time of 3.5hrs, of which only 30 mins were spent with some minor refusals, today was a smooth sailing convoy and one of the quietest radio comms. For the latter - thank you! It was lovely to settle into a peaceful trance at the back rather than listening (& chipping) into bad jokes usually powered by the lack of coffee. You would have all heard me pip up as I've been spoilt hard in the other drives. I can get used to this more :D 

Thank you @Frederic & @Warren Flay for giving us the best path out, and @Yousef Alimadadi in his lovely two-tone Pajero - providing ample guidance and keeping our core tight and agile. As my first sweep role, I would like to report that I had nothing to do than follow Samuel & James who were so deftly helping our convoy slink forward. I would also like to report that I did not get up to any munky bizness ( no photos so it didn't happen ;) )

See you all out on the sands again soon :) 

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