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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Shuwaib - Sharjah - 15 Oct 2021

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1 hour ago, sertac said:

Since this is your first drive in this week i added you to drive. Normally we are closing the RSVP after initial sign ups. Than drive lead is adding himself/herself the attendees with giving priority for the people who doesn't have any drive yet. 

Thank you very much!

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Dear Drivers please see the convoy numbering below. We will be using channel 1 tomorrow.


No Name Car Level  
1 Sertac Xterra Expert Lead
2 Zixuan Huang - Charlie Pathfinder Fewbie Plus 2nd lead
3 Adhir Saxena Pajero SWB Fewbie Plus  
4 Nihal17 Wrangler JLU Fewbie Plus  
5 Mus_hus78 Pajero LWB Fewbie Plus  
6 Amir Amiri Ram Intermediate CF
7 Chris Wing FJ Cruiser Fewbie Plus  
8 Ruan van den Heever Wrangler JKU Fewbie Plus  
9 Ehab Wrangler JLU Fewbie Plus  
10 Pacific Wrangler JK Intermediate Sweep
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Great drive today! Sorry again for being late. 

I haven't been driving in these big bowls for a while and the terrain caught me off guard a couple of times but overall I definitely enjoyed pushing the FJ to its limits on these big bowls. The area got quite busy but we still managed to find some good spots to have fun. 

@sertac that was an amazing location and perfect lead. First time driving with you and really liked the pace and the lines you made us go through 👍

@Ruan van den Heever @Amir Amiri You made it look easy! :)

@Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Nihal17 @Mus_hus78 Always a pleasure driving with you :) 

@Pacific great support as usual and always appreciate a flying Jeep 😁


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We had a great drive. Thank you guys for all of your participation. You guys made it look so easy. We haven`t even use a single rope. I was thinking that these guys must be Intermediate not Fewbie plus. Hope to drive with you again. 


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Thanks @sertac for the drive, very well mixed technical and climbs, and good enough amount of shoveling.

Compare to the last visit to Shuwaib/area 53 (13 drives ago), I feel a lot more confident to face the continous climbs and technical parts, but definitely need to work on the climbs more, while getting the skills ready for the year end Liwa trip😈


Thanks everyone for the help and support during recoveries, look forward to future drives with you!

few pics will be in the gallery after 30 mins.


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