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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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I shall appreciate it if you could share some recommendations on a reliable and practical rooftop cargo bag for your rack that will come with straps preferably. I figured, for added safety, I should secure it with additional straps.

@PaoloMaraziti What do you use for your roof rack?

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@topgearUhmmm I bought super nice roof rack from Rhino Rack, I wanted to go camping.... I bought it in April, I went camping once...before hot weather started... a couple of nights at Ritz would have costed me much less ! :D

Waiting to gain more experience in the hopefully soon-to-be-scheduled Liwa trips with the club

So, with the vast experience I have, I have just used to transport my huge swag , it goes in its bag secured with tie ratchets and is solid as a rock. I am afraid I am not the most experienced on the topic. Accessories from rhino rack and pelican (both expensive, the latter also quite heavy) are nice though, on paper. 

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