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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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Fantastic morning with the most fantastic team members who came to push the envelope on their cars, focus, and skills.  @Gaurav you have knocked it out of the park. From the meticulous planning,

WOW!! What an event!! Congratulations to the entire club for coming together to pull off such an event with such precision. Major credit has to be given to @Gaurav for conceptualizing, planning and ex

Thank you very much everyone for the whole-hearted participation to make this first-ever - Desert Champions Trophy so successful, entertaining, and thrilling for all of us. It was an AWESOME feel

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Nicely done team @Carnity …. Maybe not FIFA level (as Paolo commented) but definitely reminded me of the the Marhooz or dubai duty free draw (not because of the questionable results …. More to do with the well organized execution). 

@Jeepie pls make sure to make room in the trophy cabinet as it’s clear we are taking this home … don’t be nice to your husband out of pity … tough love for him and the others 

22 minutes ago, Hisham Masaad said:

Our team 👊👊💪💪💪🤣



Looks hungry… may find you stuck at the nearest food truck! 

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A link to the first song of the Desert Wolves compilation, in the works for Friday's drive:


Dedicated to all the teams, of course!!

Final link to Spotify will follow. As usual, a combo of music from the 70's onward, and from all places: Italian sounds, Disco hits, "lone wolf" Country ballads, pissed-off Rock (hopefully not needed, other then while chasing "prey"), Eastern sounds to soothe, etc. 

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Some RFIs to the @Carnity Organizers:

1. Can you confirm that ALL Team members are required to record the track or just the lead? If all, we need to make sure all drivers are conversant with GPS tools, including the Fewbie Member.

2. Can you qualify what is meant by "tampering with GPS"? What happens if one of the team members fails to record the track, accidentally stops recording or drains the phone battery or has a phone overheating issue? Are all individual team member tracks going to be handed to the Organizers at the end of the drive?

3.  Can you confirm that ALL Team members required to drive a circle around the waypoints or just the lead? This is to plan drive execution accordingly.

4. There is a starting point from where 5 waypoints are to be reached in whatever order, if I got it right. I'm not clear about the conclusion of the drive: are we done when we reach the last of the 5 waypoints (regardless which one it is as per our route and regardless of the exit point) or do we have to head back to the starting point or any other designated exit point?

@Gaurav, @Frederic, @Srikumar, your kind feedback is appreciated.

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