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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Solar Park - Dubai - 20 Nov 2021

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Thank you very much @Gaurav for the beautiful drive yesterday !  I was a perfect mix of smooth roller coaster, long side sloping, a bit of ridge riding, one or 2 bowls to feel the adrenaline, a n

Last week we had 4 Newbie drives, out of which 2 were not full till Friday. This week is an exceptional week to have just 1 newbie drive, as all Marshals are participating and supporting the Dese

Thanks to @Gaurav had a great drive, and enjoyed thoroughly in the back and had a nice experience with few recoveries as well.  @JeromeFJ behind you @Sudhanva Sonawane, @Simon Claes, @Michel Van

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@JeromeFJ, thank you for the detailed write-up and lovely feedback.

I went through my dashcam footage a few times to know what went wrong that resulted in yesterday's refusal. As you could see from the footage https://youtu.be/ojFltMW37-g , there were few cross tracks and the sand was already churned up. After seeing the LC ahead of me, I was bit hesitant and slowed down at the wrong moment. By letting the Raptor free and use it's full power (which I eventually did 🙂), either I should have gone up a bit more or got down sooner. It was good experience and to learn from it. So thank you once again for helping me with the self recovery.

The other issue that I had shifting back from 4Low to 4High, seems it's a known issue with Gen 1 Raptors and F150s. There are so many references on many forums, one of them https://www.fordraptorforum.com/threads/4-low-to-4-high-sticks-in-neutral-then-grinds.60595/. I am getting it checked and fixed if needed as soon as possible. 

@Gaurav, thank you for your guidance and amazing drive yesterday. All the leads in action :-)

solar park.jpeg

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The drive started at a very slow pace, of course being a newbie drive the marshals wanted to test the convoy and the capabilities before kicking it up a notch.... @Gauravthanks for the second leg of the track after the crescent lake. the first side sloping dune right after was a good step up.....after which came the bowl.....unfortunately cars after @Gertjan could not attempt as we had quite a few stucks already and we had to be rerouted. nicely ended with the technical dunes which I must say were really intimidating as they were so closely packed....at times I remember cars has to be really close to keep up with the tracks. Thanks to @JeromeFJas a center forward and @Looperfor sweeping at the back. cant wait to skill up and start the next leg with Fewbie drives. 

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Thanks @JeromeFJ for wonderful support and trip report, you have covered almost everything that I can think of mentioning.

Thanks everyone for wonderful drive and keeping up the pace to learn beyond and grow faster with this beautiful art of off-roading that requires precision, patience and constant guidance with reminders to respect the mother nature.

@Harshad Ashraf please get the Land cruiser standard "Pintle hook" back, which is extremely safe and advisable. By using the underbody tow point, you may soon damage the bumper if angle of the pull is not in your favor (like yesterday).

Thanks @Looper for amazing eagle eyes on the convoy with the sweep (my fav) duties.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Thanks to @Gaurav had a great drive, and enjoyed thoroughly in the back and had a nice experience with few recoveries as well. 

@JeromeFJ behind you @Sudhanva Sonawane, @Simon Claes, @Michel Van Woudenberg and @Manoj Soman were driving  without any trouble at all, and definitely enjoying the drive while the cars were moving. 

Recoveries are part and parcel of the desert driving and everyone has to go though them. Be patience when others are stuck, as everyone gets stuck - its just matter of time. Everyone will also get involved in recovering while others being recovered.

This is my recording of the drive if anyone is interested. After a clam and quite first part we went through what was a nice technical area. 


@Manoj Soman, you still have my radio, sorry I forgot as I was in a hurry to meet someone. Can you ping me on 056 888 5546 so that I can come and pick it up from you?

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