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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

Afternoon Fewbie Desert Drive - Big red - Sharjah - 27 Nov 2021

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Good morning everyone.  What an amazing afternoon drive. As scheduled all were almost on time at the meeting point, despite Google maps trying to push us for short cuts, which were illegal. Event

@KAMALIO  @AlexM @Davie Chase @Waqas Parvez @Sunil Mathew @Peter Hager @Vaibhav  @Reggie Landicho @Hisham Masaad pictures in the gallery

@Hisham Masaad I repeat it has been my best drive so far with Carnity!! The combination of speed, challenge, weather and sunset just made it awesome.  It is a drive to remember for me. @Jeepie Ch

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Thank you so much @Hisham Masaad!🙏🙏🙏. You’re an amazing lead👋👋👋 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 WELL DONE! (see full line of claps)

I consider this as one of my big achievements since started off-roading.  And you help us made it happen! Amazing pace, tracks, obstacles, dunes climb and sceneries. 

Thanks to the support team: @JeepieMajan, @Sunil Mathew& @Peter Hager, Excellent job team!🙏

Very well drive by the whole team!

@KAMALIO, @Davie Chase, @AlexM, @Waqas Parvez, @Vaibhav

Thanks to all of you!

See you all soon!

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