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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Sweihan - Abu Dhabi - 26 Nov 2021

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Many thanks @Brette for the drive yesterday !

You managed to find your way through these bulldozer track, it was far from easy. The quiet start allowed everyone go get accustomed with the soft sand, and to realised how important it is to keep the car moving with the proper momentum. Then you could increase the pace with a nice portion of rolling dunes, where we could drive from one side to the other, and get the feeling of the side sloping. Finally a big bowl was a nice playing area where everyone could safely push his car a bit more, to see how far it could climb ! Very nice mix !

The convoy did very well, considering the very soft sand that was accumulated in some areas. No shovel, no rope in a Newbie drive is quite exceptional !! It shows the capabilities of the drivers 1/ to avoid getting stuck and 2/ capable of self recoveries, either alone, or with the guidance of the support.

@Adnan Halepota, excellent 2nd lead, following the instructions of @Brette, and holding when the situation required to do so.

@Osama M your car is heavy, but powerful. You have seen that it can easily get stuck, but also you where capable of getting out of the stuck with some guidance. With some practice, you will learn how to use safely the power of your car to pass through tricky situations.

@Julian Patterson, very good control of your heavy Yukon, and very nice self recoveries in several occasions, very well done.

@takeshi sobue, the FJ has great capabilities, being attentive to the guidance of the support and leads, you will learn to make the most of it. Also you could realise the importance of selecting a a good trajectory for difficult climbs. Keep driving !

@John Vanderbleek, very good command of your FJ, soon, you will be able to make the most of it ! thank you for the support in guiding fellow drivers when needed.

@Willie very well driven during the whole drive.

@Derius Olivier, it was nice to see one of these LR on the sand and not only on Downtown Boulevard! very well driven, always in control. You will be able to access more difficult drives without issues.

@Johannes Roux, very well driven also, keep an eye on your fishtailing on side slopes when you will come to bigger dunes.

Thank you all for the company and the good spirit during the drive! Please get sure you arrive to the next drive with your radios all set with the Carnity frequencies. See you soon on the sand.


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Perfect report @JeromeFJ, thank you for keeping an eye on the convoy and making sure everyone was on the move safely. 


Yes, was impressed with the way the entire convoy did. Navigating through the bulldozer tracks was challenging and at some places I was sure we would have to get the rope out but was pleasantly surprised. Even on the last dune where we stopped to play, I did expect a few stucks but with @JeromeFJ guidance, everyone was out with just minor refusals. 

Again, well done everyone and hopefully soon we will be able to enjoy what we love about sweihan. @Derius Olivier thanks for the pics. 



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