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TPMS reading through OBD?

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Newbie question here. I searched in the forum and wasn't able to find the topic in subject addressed.

In my 2021 Patrol Safari I got TPMS. The thing is that it shows only the alert in case the pressure is low, but it does not give me the indication on the actual value.

I was wondering if I could read the value through the OBD port. I also checked on that part of the forum and did not find anything.

I was hoping to leverage what the car already comes with, instead of replacing the TPMS and get an alternative system to read the tyre pressure.

The aim is not to use it during deflate time, it's just to keep an eye during the drive ;)


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I think any OBD will do, I got the very basic ELM327 for less than 100 Dhs at Amazon.ae, it opens a WiFi link and works well.  But I think there are much better options, for example OBDLink MX+ or Autel brands, that might offer a better way to connect.

The purpose of getting an OBD, in my case was to monitor the temperature of coolant and air intake during the summer drives. I rarely use it these days.

** Edit:  however I am of the opinion the TPMS system could be better in the Patrol Super Safari and provide a way to display the actual pressure for each tire, not just the low pressure icon on the dashboard. So, your approach of using OBD is a great workaround.

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