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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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@Gaurav and @Carnity team, members, leaders, it was a great experience to participate in the event.

It is easy to imagine the pre-C19 gatherings at @Carnity, and I think the main prize all of us got was the opportunity to interact and have fun prior and after the competition drive.

Again many thanks for the opportunity and a big shout out to the organizers and everyone who participated.


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1 hour ago, Gaurav said:

Ultra super amazing memorable event day and the video was superb 

@Carnity our hero and inspiring to continue moving safely with persistent passion and safety 🏆👍🙏

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50 minutes ago, Bernard Kalaani said:

@M.Seidam your dashcam has captured some memorable moments!

😅 Like the epic recovery, without winch, ropes, shovel, or 4Lo + diff lock 😆, 100% human powered ... teamwork at its best 💪

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