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Full Day Intermediate Desert Drive - Liwa Yellow Truck - Abu Dhabi - 01 Dec 2021 - Gaurav

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Welcome to the Carnity Annual Liwa Expedition.

Few key pointers (MUST READ)

  • Every car should have 100 liters of fuel in the fuel tank or with additional jerry cans.
    • If you show up at the meeting point and looking for a fuel station, that means you've missed the initial post to read and will also miss this drive, as we won't hold the convoy for 30-45 minutes.
  • This is an Intermediate level drive so expect a fast-paced and action-oriented drive filled with adrenal pumping fun.
    • So make sure everything in your car - boot and passenger seat is secured, fastened, or strapped.
    • Get enough sleep in advance, to stay focused especially after 3-4 hours of drive.
    • This is not Qudra, Bidayer or Faya, so respect nature and be super cautious at all times.
    • Leave your ego at home, or you cannot enjoy LIWA.
  • Lighter is better for IM fun.
    • IM drives are best enjoyed alone, so you can climb and negotiate higher
      • No risk of passenger sickness or busy schedule.
  • No early exit for 1 car.
    • So be yourself fully ready for an 8+ hour drive and also make sure your passenger (if you still bringing) understands that in this route there is no early exit.
    • So 1 car, 1 driver, 1 passenger may cost the fun for the whole convoy if it's that serious.



To ensure that everyone has a fun and safe Liwa trip it's important that you go through the below checklist :

1. Please ensure that you are there at the meeting point at 7:30 AM sharp. Latecomers would be sent back. 

2. Firstly, get lots and lots of rest the previous day. The more the better as Liwa will not only challenge your vehicle but your mind as well. We would need your complete focus and fatigue due to less rest is the last thing that is needed on such a terrain. For those who prefer camping the previous night, you can do so at the starting point as it's a nice spaced-out area. Bring some firewood in case if you wish to have a bonfire to keep you warm. Cleaning up after the bonfire is mandatory.

3. Ensure that your 4x4 is well serviced recently and all the lubes and fluids are topped up.

4. 20 Liter / 40-liter fuel jerry can is needed depending on your vehicle. If you have any doubts, please post your query on the drive post and we will assist.

5. A full fuel tank at the meeting point.

6. Spare tire should be in good working condition. If not been used recently, ensure that you take it out and check the condition properly. Also, ensure that you have the wrench that can be used to remove your tire (if needed). In the past, we have seen that people upgrade their tires but still keep the original wrench which is of no use to remove the upgraded tire. So please ensure that your car has the right tool to remove your car tires (if needed).

7. Bring along your breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc in easy-to-eat packing. We shall be having breaks in between the drive.

8. Dry food, energy bar, cookies, nuts, crisp to munch while driving.

9. Bring garbage bags along to carry your trash. Littering in the desert is strictly prohibited.

Keep checking this list, as it might grow further in the coming days. All the above points are Mandatory and your participation on the drive would be refused on the drive day by the trip lead if you fail to comply with the above.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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4 hours ago, Ashok chaturvedi said:

please share the wait list if any... thanks. 

No waitlist now

Added you to the drive.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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@Gaurav...hope you are doing well!


May I please ask how you are planning the route to the Yellow Truck. Specifically on which side are you planning to exit the desert again? On the same side from where we will enter or are you planning to continue trough the desert and exit on the side of the E15?


I am planning to meet some friends and we will camp for the rest of the weekend and I would like to arrange with them where I can meet them. 😄


Thank you...!

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