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Full Day Intermediate Desert Drive - Liwa Yellow Truck - Abu Dhabi - 01 Dec 2021 - Gaurav

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4 minutes ago, Mario Cornejo said:

when the split was, from the very outset of the drive announced as a "surprise".

Split has been planned since Monday, but kept as surprise so that we can go as one convoy for the first hour to re-access everything before announcing and splitting.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Just wanted to share this with the group....😀😀 on a drive this morning, (I shall share the track) we found a second yellow truck. Looks like it has been here only a few months.    Maybe

Thanks, everyone here for your inputs on the tricky Paolo's FJ recovery. A great round of applause for everyone to pitch in and coordinate with whatever they can to make things right and safe as

Thanks @Gauravet al.  I would like to bring some additional context that I omitted so far, as I felt it was out of place and I was just immensely grateful to all. But given some statements in pas

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Well said Islam and I just rem to share another example how first attempt usually a part of learning curve than blaming anyone.

When we got the car down, and we need to tow dead vehicle for 20 meter smooth incline, 3 cars and 4 drivers (including myself) failed with all the hp, torque and experience. That doesn't mean that all previous cars and drivers were incompetent or inexperience for such a small tug.

It means nothing is confirmed, guaranteed or proven that we will always be correct in our first attempt when it comes to off-roading.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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2 hours ago, JeromeFJ said:

So disappointed to see the turn the comments have taken since 2 days. Did the so praised values of solidarity and learning together vanish under the harsh sun of Liwa desert ?

Probably @PaoloMaraziti for his 1st IM drive was a bit below the required level. I know how physically and mentally demanding an IM drive can be, and a driver with 1, 5 or 10+ IM drive will not behave the same. But why no one told him ? There were plenty of drives on the same day, and I'm sure he would have happily accepted to change. And once a drive is started, we usually adapt the drive to the participants level, and not the opposite... So what's the point being so hard on him ?

And for @Shaaz Sha also, even with all the training and previous drives, a Lead with 3 or 4 drives lead will not have the same experience than a Lead with 20+ drives lead, so let's recognize he was probably not prepared for this extreme situation, but who would have expected this to happen ? With so many drives in the same area the same day, he could have asked for support earlier. 

Having said so all of us present that day have learned a lot, and Paolo did it the hard way. Luckily he is safe, and everyone else around also, so let's calm down, take the learnings, and keep growing together. 

I totally agree with what you stated here @JeromeFJ

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