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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Shuwaib - Sharjah - 4 Dec 2021

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On 12/4/2021 at 3:16 PM, Alain Canivet-Abikhalil said:

@Reggie Landicho you have to get extra credits for driving a manual. We often forget how different and technical it is to shift gears especially on soft sand. Remember, momentum is your friend, sometimes giving it an extra push in the beginning can help you cross the dunes.

Thanks @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil

I actually drives an automatic have tried on D position but I had a challenges in dunes climbing. Though, I have tried on the last climb starting with Gear 1 quick shift to gear 2.  I felt good about it, I just need to be comfortable and have a bit of more hill climb practices. I’ll be there🤞

Thanks so much again supporting the whole group.

On 12/4/2021 at 4:31 PM, Chinthaka Ruwan said:

@Shaaz Sha Thanks for the excellent drive today.  Shuwaib is a challenging terrain also one of my favorite area in UAE. Everyone did really good and pushed it to the next level. It will be a good experience when reaching to next level. Thanks @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil and @JeromeFJ for excellent support. Supporting a long convoy in this area is not easy and you guys did a great job. 
Some pictures are uploaded in the gallery.  
Nice to see you all and have a great week. 


Thanks for this nice shot. I’ll definitely download it🙏

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Thank you @Shaaz Sha for the drive, and well done on taking a Fewbie convoy into such a technical and challenging terrain that is Shuwaib. It was definitely a good occasion to learn and practice some

Thank you @Shaaz Sha for the amazing drive yesterday ! This area is difficult, and taking a Fewbie convoy through these tight bowls, high dunes and sharp crests is a challenge. You managed to lead the

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20 hours ago, Shaaz Sha said:

Hi off roaders,

Thank you all for making it on time at the meeting point. We were all ready and waited for few minutes for the three No show member today for around 10 minutes. After the radio check and briefing we entered the area where it was not too crowded.. Only few cars , but the tracks from previous days were obviously there.. which were annoying at some points. After a few minutes of warm up , we started slowly to the side slops where every one did a good job..It was nice to see you guys doing it very safely. Good work guys.The terrain had enough to practice all our skills and it was quite technical towards the exit. We had a few refusals and a stuck followed by a pop out which were all handled the best way by @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, @Chinthaka Ruwanand @JeromeFJThank you Guys .. You were absolutely amazing.. 👏👏👏. @JeromeFJ, thank you for being the second lead.. you did a good job in re-routing where ever needed and kept the convoy moving. Your assistance while recoveries where also great. Thank you. @Joji varghese, @Reggie Landicho, @FARAZ MOHAMMED, @Enrico Biscaro, @Naim Aoun, @Rsjiv Samuel, and @Gregory... you guys were all good . We had few time consuming stuck s and i appreciate you support and patience.Thank you all once again and sees you soon. Some pics in the gallery..:)




Thanks so much @Shaaz Sha. Very good lead. It was very challenging tracks from the start. A great test of skills of everyone in the convoy but also a learning opportunity to know better the our rides.

Looking forward to be back in Shuwaib.

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On 12/4/2021 at 3:16 PM, Alain Canivet-Abikhalil said:


Having @JeromeFJ as 2nd lead and support is a blessing. Your experience in rerouting and managing the convoy is valuable. Same for recoveries and tricky situations. Plus, you have proven many times before and today how helpful and knowledgeable you are in supporting.

I fully agree here 200%!!!

Well done @JeromeFJThanks as always!




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