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Full Day Newbie Desert Drive - Liwa Yellow Truck - Abu Dhabi - 01 Dec 2021 - Asif

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Dear @Asif Hussain it was an amazing experience for me i have learned alot from you and i loved how you lead the convoy.

@Chaitanya D your support and  tactics that i have recieved from you were precious 

@Sergio Big Dawg thanks for the early wornings and support ( i love how well organised you are)

Cant wait to do it again with you guys.


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I'm reviewing the videos, I'll keep on adding on this post:

Here we have some interesting drops and Asif parking in the crest 😂 : https://gopro.com/v/62geQ7Q04kr6o

Arrival at the yellow truck: https://gopro.com/v/KRqk6o0lyZrRa

Quite a big drop: https://gopro.com/v/8vgyB7V5onaXX

Difficult climb in soft patch: https://gopro.com/v/lrzQl33Zr3EV5

Fun climb and drop: https://gopro.com/v/zPopXBX1PDzp1

Fun sequence: https://gopro.com/v/zPopD65Kl67ZK

Edited by Sergio Big Dawg
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Dear @Asif Hussain thank you so much for a wonderful Liwa -Yellow truck experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it , being my first time in Liwa.

@Sergio Big Dawg and @Simon Dawood great driving on this challenging terrain , was a treat to watch from the back.

Thanks Sergio for sharing some wonderful videos.

Catch up with you all some time soon👍

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