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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Lahbab: In The Locals' Den - Dubai - 31 Dec 2021

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@Jose Thomas and @Juzer Gandhi you have been added to the drive. Kindly confirm that you will be joining, Thanks a lot.

Hi @Harshad Ashraf. I am sorry to have to update you that you were inadvertently jumped into the drive in place of Charbel Ghattas, due to a glitch in the new Waitlist function we have just added to the drives' RSVP system. Since this would not be your first drive of the weekend, I'll have to put you back in the WL, to let its first listed member with no prior drives during the weekend, join the drive. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding.


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Dear Desertanuts, find below the final convoy order: @Jose Thomas will be my Second Lead @Azeem M at #3 @Quresh Motiwala #4 @Emanuel will drive at #5 @Rajat Verma at #6

A great drive to end the year! Thanks to @Ale Vallecchi for leading an awesome drive and to @Russ for his recoveries.  And of course to @Nathan for taking the centre role and relaying communica

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. And thanks to @Ale Vallecchi (leading to great technical dunes) @Nathan (pushing the large convoy) & @Russ (Pulling the people around) and making the la

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28 minutes ago, Ale Vallecchi said:

Dear Desertanuts,

@Mark D, @Mo., @Markus B, @Tareq Al Turq, @Justin Ng, @Nathan, @Harshad Ashraf, @Azeem M, @Quresh Motiwala, @Rajat Verma, @ASAD. and @JERINE_B, as mentioned in the body of the drive's post, just North of Badayer, West of Big Red, there is a slice of desert which is mostly left untouched by off-roaders, but is "inhabited" by locals, who raise camels, but mostly use it for their own crossings, as well as for falconry. It stretches from Lahbab, west toward Margham (to Skydive and nearby). It's made of a mix of open sand cordons, low technical areas, a small area of sand bowls (the closest to Badayer, where the sand turns from yellow to red), and some areas with more abundant vegetation. A small hidden gem to explore in a leisurely way. 

This is the locations and terrains that we'll explore this Friday. Considering the rather junior nature of this convoy, we will do our best to maintain a relaxing pace, and will do our best to give everyone the opportunity to become more and more familiar with the basic techniques of dunes' straight crossing, and side sloping. Hopefully we'll enjoy the view of some camels, gazelles, and perhaps falcons being trained. 

Please reach the meeting point a few minutes in advance of 7:00 am, to start deflating, mount your flags, and get prepared to start on time. 

I will announce the final convoy order and radio channel tomorrow evenig.

In the meantime, enjoy the evening.

Thank you @Ale Vallecchilook forward to the drive!

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1 hour ago, Ale Vallecchi said:

Dear @Charbel Ghattas, thanks for joining. Unfortunately, as you have not yet completed your Absolute Newbie drive, I will have to sign you out of this drive. You will be able to join any upcoming Newbie drive as soon as you'll have done your introductory AN drive, which will be offered, again, every weekend from next week. Sorry for this, and hope to see you soon.

@Harshad Ashraf, you have been moved to the confirmed signed up roster. Kindly confirm if you will join this drive. Thanks a lot.

@Ale VallecchiConfirmed from myside.

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20 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

@Ale Vallecchi do I now have to remove myself from the other drive waitlist or will the system do that automatically?

Hello @Emanuel. If you choose this drive Vs. your other waitlisted ons, please remove yourself from that waitlist, after checking if the system hasn't done it already. Thanks

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