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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Faqa High Dunes and sharp Ridges - Dubai - 2 Jan 2022

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Post Drive Report @Rob Soughton @Reggie Landicho @Gertjan @Dinesh Kumar A @Davie Chase @Felix Obst @Marcin Wronowski @Alexanderrr @Tom B @Amir Amiri Well, that was a blast! After we exited M

Happy New Year to all, Here is the proposed convoy list for the drive in the morning:  Apologies if I got any ranks wrong.  @Rob Soughton @Reggie Landicho @Gertjan @Dinesh Kumar A

Thanks @Wrangeld for another great learning experience. it was truly a blast and was certainly different in the harder packed wet sand.  As someone smarter than me said, the biggest risk in anything w

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11 hours ago, Felix Obst said:

Hey desert-champs,

it was an amazing experience to drive through the desert after the heavy rain (and for me a sleepless night). @Wrangeld Thank you for guiding us through all these various terrains. Was great to meet all of you and feel the carnity spirit on the first drive 2022. @Alex Raptor thank you for the puddle action - it reminded my boys that their dad is everything but not cool 😝, have a great start into the newly designed week and I am looking forward to meet you next weekend!

We are all hoping that your wife appreciated you taking the kids out of her way to mop up after the flood :-) 

Great to see you and the kids again. 

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Happy New Year All. The first drive of the New Year really did start with a Bang!

Thank you for the amazing drive @Wrangeld and @Alex Raptor  and safely Navigating us through the terrain. It felt very different riding on the hard surface - thoroughly enjoyed riding the slopes and ridges.

Special Thanks to the wonderful convoy and helping me to get setup on an F1 style pitstop.


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On 1/2/2022 at 1:16 PM, Wrangeld said:

Post Drive Report

@Rob Soughton @Reggie Landicho @Gertjan @Dinesh Kumar A @Davie Chase @Felix Obst @Marcin Wronowski @Alexanderrr @Tom B @Amir Amiri

Well, that was a blast! After we exited Marcin - sorry but we could not risk two leaking tires, we drove and drove all the way to the Sorting Hat at Solar Park. Normally, the last 20 kkm of that route are done on dirt tracks, but the convoy was so good (and helped by the conditions) that we could channel our inner Desert Champions and take the off road route. 

A really fantastic drive by everyone. Perhaps we could have crissed and crossed a little more, or we could have ridden more ridges, but I think that the novel circumstances, and getting used to the harder sand on both sides of the dune, we made the right decisions and stayed safe. 

Speedwise, this was faster than normal, again largely because the sand was so wet. Everyone did really well in the drive, without exception: particularly in the treacherous technical section as we get close to the solar arrays and the last piece as we approached the Solar Park visitors centre. You just have to see how few tracks there were in that are to understand that most people would not go there. 

Thanks to my wingman/mentor/support, @Alex Raptor Alex 'The Raptor' Raptor, sorting out every problem (very few this time round). 

Thanks to all of you as well. Good morning's fun. 

Happy New Year. 

See you soon in the sand. 

Indeed a fantastic drive as always Richard @Wrangeld teaming up with @Alex Raptor has always been GREAT!

BTW, Its my 2nd drive with you with a pop-out and you handled it very quickly.

Thank you so much!

For the rest of the team, new meets and old folks. It was nice to meeting you all again.

Until next time.

I got busy yesterday but I will not miss to say thank you for a job well done!

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Thnak you very much for a great fun and help in fiting my car back with tyres .That was a completely new experience for me and great lesson on how to deal with tire pop-outs !! Respect to your professionalism  @Wrangeld @Alex Raptor @Davie Chase and once again thanks for help.  

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