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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Lehbab to Lisaili - Dubai - 8 Jan 2022

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46 minutes ago, Harshad Ashraf said:

@Wrangeld meeting point will be updated later ? As I can see only text “dropped pin “

Take a look in the calendar to find the dropped pin

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It's what you've been waiting for (well, maybe) Here is the convoy list.  See you in the Morning. 

Post Drive Report 'We Can be Heroes, if just for one day...' You can only drive to the conditions in which you find the sand, which let's face it were perfect today. As everyone here is a Fe

@Wrangeld thanks for a great drive today. As someone said; we scored 2 drives in one today. Certainly one of my most memorable drives to date. Also enjoyed the radio banter along the way!

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Thanks @Wrangeld @Alex Raptor and @Niki for an excellent drive. Had a great morning out, saw some awesome sites none less than the new dorm camel that nearly melted Alex’s heart. Had some great information from richardpedia, saw an epic light show curtesy of the solar panels and the company and banter was awesome, lastly, the wife enjoyed it. So all in all in a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning. Thank you all again appreciated. 

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@Wrangeld @Alex Raptor @Niki Morning  desert, in the pure clean atmosphere and silence – it was amazing. 

every drive with @CarnityThe desert  tells us a different story, we all waiting for all upcoming Monday’s when ventures are on.


see you all in next drive. 


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Thank you @Wrangeld for an amazing lead as always and being the 3rd car in the convoy, it's nice to see how you do your magic even in 2WD! 😁

Excellent support at the back with  @Alex Raptor and  @Niki at the middle as well as lending your extra radio.

And to the rest of the team, thank you for your understanding as we cut short the fun. My rig is ready as I'm writing this.🙏

Until next time...

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