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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Margham - Dubai - 16 Jan 2022

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Just now, Aisha S said:

@Shaaz Sha it better not rain today in the area or tomorrow 


Crying will make it wet 

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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1 hour ago, Javier Lucero said:

Good afternoon all. Hope you’re alright. Do you think we’ll be rolling tomorrow? I haven’t seen rain around here but just wanted to check if anything has been heard about that area. Thanks. 

hi.. so far nothing in the area and so far there is no changes in the plan buddy

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Hi.. @Thomas Varghese, @Joji varghese, @Rsjiv Samuel, @Fabien Monleau, @Mohamad Anwer, @Rizwanm2, @Gilbert Khalil, @MMansoor, @munkybizness, @Javier Lucero, @Gok Krish, @GauravSoni..welcome to the drive boys..😄 Here is the convoy order for tomorrow and we will be using carnity channel 3 (44605625)


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@Shaaz Sha never ceases to amaze us with his route selection and challenges. The drive was tricky from the beginning as it was drizzling from the word go. Not one moment in the drive where I could switch off my wiper. The wiper washer reservoir ran dry almost half way through the drive. The sand was expected to be compacted as it was wet but the terrain fools you with slippery sand occasionally. The moment you take your eyes of the track you find your car has deviated from the path and you have ended up on the other side of the dune. Twice I had to ask @Rizwanm2 to use his rope & Xterra to tug me out as once I found the rear right wheel off the ground and the other time the car got bogged down in mud like sand. Thank you buddy for the well executed gentle pull. Almost all in the convoy drove perfectly and without much issues even though the terrain was tough. The only nail biting situation came when a LC 70 rested on a slip face with 2 tires barely touching the sand and tilted on a very precarious angle. God's grace the car came down on its own with some left right steering and blip blip acceleration. Not sure if the driver exited his passengers before attempting this recovery as @Shaaz Sha and me were far ahead and by the time we raced back the car was already coming down to safety. @Gaurav Soni & @Rizwanm2 can shed more info on this as they were in charge of the action. Anyways this created a pop out and  double pop out for the car very soon as the tire beads were compromised with sand intrusion into the tire and there was no way to hold air inside those tough BF Goodrich tires and the passenger side rear tire had to be swapped with the spare. Thank God the car had spare and soon we were on our way to the exit. 

Thanks to all who showed up on time early morning and exited safely after having a wonderful drive on a weekend morning@Joji varghese, @Rsjiv Samuel, @Fabien Monleau, @Mohamad Anwer, @Rizwanm2, @Gilbert Khalil, @MMansoor, @munkybizness, @Javier Lucero, @Gok Krish, @GauravSoni and our wild card entrant @Ashok chaturvedi.

Some pictures in the gallery 

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 Thank you @Thomas Varghese for the detailed write up.😄👍   What a day guys!!!.perfect....chilling weather, light shower, and an incredible convoy...what more could you want for? After the radio check and briefing, we started 20 minutes late, waiting for the sunrise. We had a surprising member in the convoy, @Ashok chaturvedi, who ended up in the wrong meeting point today, trying to join @Frederic  on the Batayah Drive. As we got started, the rain became a little heavier, and we had a mix of terrains...except rock. It was muddy in some spots, incredibly soft on the dunes' top, and hard at some places. But the convoy was ready for anything, and we had a thrilling and beautiful drive. With some drizzle , some greenery, Sand Gazelles, Oryxes, and Camels, the landscape was breathtaking.Though we didnt  expected any stucks today..we had to deal with a few and couple of pop outs towards the end of the drive. Every driver in the convoy were incredible today and Thank you @Thomas Varghese for a superb second lead. you did a great job today considering the diversities in the track.  Thanks to @Joji varghese, @Rsjiv Samuel, @Fabien Monleau, @Mohamad Anwer, @Gilbert Khalil, @MMansoor, @munkybizness, @Javier Lucero, @Gok Krish and @Ashok chaturvedi for signing up and joining the drive. It was an unforgettable day and was great to be with you Guys.Every one of you were up to the mark today👏👏👏👏

Thanks to @Rizwanm2 and @GauravSoni.. the real heroes today for those wonderful recoveries and great support. Good work guys and it was a blessing to have you today in the convoy. Some pics in the gallery 



As @Thomas Varghese said .. cant find the gallery..😊





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