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Crew cab Chevy Trail-boss/GMC Sierra AT4 - too long for desert drives?

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Hi everyone. I currently drive a 2 door JK Wrangler, and love it. For a newbie like me its great fun on Carnity drives.

But as those who own one know, it's tiny if you need to fit more than 2 people, and anything more than a pair of socks as luggage. 

I've been looking the long wheelbase Crew Cab Chevy Trailboss/GMC Sierra AT4, but am worried about the length of them. The power is a big drawcard and the lifted ride height, and I've seen lots of fellow Carnity members driving long wheelbase F150's and some Dodge Rams, but I would really like advice from those who have these longer trucks, is it just too big? Particularly for Carnity drives, has anyone found the wheelbase length to be annoying?

Ay advice gratefully received!

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Cheers for the tag Mark. 

Hi @Simon Hope, to be honest it definitely has its pitfalls with being such a long wheelbase. Cresting is one such pitfall, I guess with practice it gets easier but it’s still not ideal. Also, the large turning circle makes it hard sometimes in tight, technical dunes to keep up. 

Other than that, it’s amazing! So much power, it barely gets bogged down. One of the advantages is you can get through areas even when the sand is really churned up. 

There are some who would say don’t do it, but honestly, I’d say go for it! 


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If you planning to go serious with off roading dont get one. If you are planning to stay in fewbie level than it will be good to have. You can see non of our Experts or Marshal`s drive that kind of vehicle. For dune off roading smaller the wheelbase better the car. 

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@Simon Hope i suggest you to join @Gaurav`s and @Frederic`s drives and see how they are managing their small vehicles. They have everything ready in their car they might ever need in the desert.

It will be hard to find something better than 3.6 JK for desert usage. 

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1 minute ago, Simon Hope said:

@sertac - yes, I’ve driven in their groups, they are genius’ with their cars for sure. Space issue is more for normal driving, family etc. Hard to balance the two…

Than if you have space i suggest to separate your daily driver and off roader. If not you can look for Y61 Patrol Super Safari, Wrangler JLU, Toyota Prado 4.0. These are fantastic options to have as daily driver with big space + good weekend toys. 

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