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Afternoon Fewbie Desert Drive - Lisaili - Dubai - 21 Jan 2022

Foxtrot Oscar

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13 hours ago, Thomas Varghese said:

Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar for the wonderful drive on Friday afternoon. It was a challenging task deflating and putting up the flag in the midst of strong winds and flying sand. Once the convoy got going in this weather it was the most exhilarating drive in recent times. The 1st time fewbies @Markus B, @Joseph Raju & @Imran Kashif did so well in the drive that we had minimal refusals and stucks. The track was technical most of the times and overall the convoy did very good. It was a pleasure driving with old mates @Looper, @Pacific & @Chinthaka Ruwan and both Looper & Pacific filled in their additional responsibilities as support for the convoy. Hopefully we can see them more in supporting roles soon. The rest of the drivers who I haven't known before but had the honor of driving with them yesterday are @KAMALIO, @Faisal Alhashimi, @Lucky sAm & @Muhammad Qasim. It was good to see them negotiating the technical dunes with ease. @Manoj Soman who I had driven with a couple of times before have improved a lot in his Rubicon. Didn't hear him on the radio seeking assistance. It was great seeing @Michel Van Woudenberg with his brand new LC 300 for this drive. I was wondering what would the technicians at TOYOTA might be thinking of he and his car when he takes it for the servicing with all the engine bay covered in sand. They got to give him respect for using the car for what it was made for. 

See you all soon for another drive with @Carnity

@Thomas Varghese Good to drive along after longtime...and @Foxtrot Oscarthanks for leading ...weather and your courage made it truly adventurous 

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THANK YOU @Foxtrot Oscar and was great being led by you after our last drive a while ago.  Impressed with your courage to continue the lead the drive despite the conditions we faced.

Surely the comfort of having @Looperand @Pacific helps so many thanks to them as well.

@Thomas Varghesegreat to connect with you and get some insights and experience about Carnity

@Michel Van Woudenberg I was just observing the way your LC 300 handled the dunes and I must say it is quite a nice upgrade that Toyota has done.  

I will upload some images in the gallery!

See you all next time.

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