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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Pink Rock - Sharjah - 27 Feb 2022


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16 minutes ago, Taimur Khan said:

Hi @Srikumar would like to confirm if it's a family friendly  😁 and an easy route to pink rock. Thanks 

Hi, Newbie drives are always family friendly. But it depends on the driver's ability as for a beginner a NB drive might be challenging.

Also, most important is that the passengers don't cause a distraction to the driver.

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@Mahmoud Taha @JERINE_B @Suresh K @Haitham Khattab @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Eduardo sos @Ron.P @Yerem Davtyan @Andrei S @Taimur Khan @Joseph Sebastian @arjumand @Anthony Cupit @Serhat Yalcinkaya @Vanessa8580 @Quresh Pajero

Thank you for signing up for tomorrow's drive. Please find below the convoy numbering. 

Mandatory Gear for tomorrow's drive : Flag, Radio, Shovel and Compressor

Convoy Numbering

1. Srikumar - Cherokee XJ
2. Eduardo sos - FJ
3. Andrei - Jeep Renegade
4. Haitham Khattab - JGC
5. Taimur Khan - Prado
6. Anthony Cupit - Xterra
7. Serhat Yalcinkaya - JGC
8. Yerem - Tahoe
9. Vanessa - Pajero
10. Zulfikhar Naiyar - Xterra
11. Ron.P - LC
12. Mahmoud Taha - Xterra
13. arjumand - Patrol Y61
14. JERINE_B - Wrangler
15. Suresh K - Pajero 3.8
16. Joseph Sebastian - Wrangler
17. Quresh Pajero - Pajero LWB

We shall be using Carnity Radio Channel 1 (446.00625). Please program your radio before the drive. Thanks.

Incase of any dropouts, the Waitlist members will be automatically added, and we would adjust the convoy numbering tomorrow morning. 

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Noted @JERINE_B. @MMALEK please confirm if you are attending as else there are still some members on the WL

59 minutes ago, arjumand said:

I am trying to set baofeng radio to 446.00625 and seems I can set only 3 digits after 446. 

So it sets to 446.006 but not 446.00625

Can some pls confirm how to set this frequency.



That should be fine. Just ensure that both frequencies are 446.006


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