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Harshal has been promoted to Fewbie level


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42 minutes ago, Rajat Verma said:

@Harshal Congrats........love the roar of your BEAST.

Thanks Rajat. 

55 minutes ago, Frederic said:

Congrats @Harshal !

You are one of the biggest Inspiration to look for more. 

Your energy levels , the knowledge and willingness to share it with all is commendable. 

Edited by Harshal
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32 minutes ago, Thomas Varghese said:

Congrats @Harshal. I haven't driven with you yet I believe but will be doing soon. 

I think you dropped off one of the Newbie drives u had planned to come. 

Hopefully very soon we will ride in same convoy

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3 hours ago, Mehmet Volga said:

Well done @Harshal

Hope to be part of your convoy some time soon.

5 hours ago, munkybizness said:

Congratulations @Harshal! Had an excellent night drive with you. See you on the sands soon!

Thanks. See u soon

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