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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Sweidan to Faya - Sharjah - 23 Apr 2022

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12 hours ago, Ranjan Das said:

Hi @Hisham Masaad, i too had to remove my rsvp from the wl - nasty ultimatum from the bitter half to stick to one drive.

Hope to catch up with you and the other riders soon. Happy Friday!

sometime you can’t mess with the home Ministry 😎

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@Hisham Masaadmy apologies for missing the drive today without giving notice. In fact I was on my way when I got stopped by police right outside my community. After 20 mins of chat I would have completely missed the drive so sadly went back home. I would never willingly miss a drive I registered for, I can assure you. 

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A big thank you @Hisham Masaad for the drive this morning, and for giving me the opportunity to lead the second half.

The first section, 2nd Sept to Faya was a perfect warm up to enjoy the fresh morning temperature, and progress quietly from one dune to the other, with the view of the mountains in the background.

In the second section, Faya dune itself, you took us through a beautiful area with round dunes and virgin sands before reaching to the top of this massive dune. Everyone could reach the summit, pushing the rev of their cars. The view from the top is always amazing, especially watching the remaining  cars of the convoy at the bottom. Another big climb from the side, allowed us to realise all the factors that can impact a climb, power of the car, but also trajectory, tire pressure, gear selection…

@Hisham Masaad  gave me the honour to lead the third section, the most scenic one. I love this portion, between Faya and Fossil Rock (even if the Rock is now fenced). Finding a way through the ridges and the bowls, with the view of the mountains over the valley to our right, and the dunes and a few rock formations to our left was a real pleasure. Still all drivers were focused on their steering, and we had only one occasion to dig the shovels in the sand.

The last portion, Fossil Rock to Mahafiz, had a lot of vegetation and bushes. I was trying to stay on the upper part of the ridges to avoid the bushes, but it was not always possible, and we had to cross a few uncomfortable areas. Still we found some high long dunes, good opportunity for side sloping. After a few runs, and another portion of bushes, we reached an old track that took us to the Mahafiz trees, where joined the tarmac road.

Thank you all for joining @Vishal Nair, congratulation, very well done for your 1st Fewbie, @RiaanJH very well driven, thank you for the pics, @Chris Wing thanks for the excellent support from the CF, @Jona deserving FJ team membership, @Sudhanva Sonawane nice drive, @Zixuan Huang - Charlie, and @Sunil Mathew it was a walk in the park for you, but thanks for joining, and @marks thank you for your eye on the convoy from the sweep position. @Hisham Masaad, thanks again for your lead and guidance.

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Thank you every one for joining the drive. Believe we had good time, enjoying the technical part of the Sweidan and Mahafiz, and in between Faya high dunes and side slops of Mahafiz. Congratulations @Vishal Nair for your first FB drive, I am sure you started feeling the new level and need to be ready for more, well done my friend. Pleasure meeting you @RiaanJH for the firs time, obviously you have good knowledge, practice and control of your car…. Well done. Thank you Riaan for the nice photos. @Jona @Sudhanva Sonawane @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Sunil Mathew Nice meeting you again in sand. @Chris Wing great CF, thank you bro. @marks thank you very much for watching our back, and pleasure meeting you for the first time. And finally, great SL and lead @JeromeFJ big congratulations for leading us yesterday. Mahafiz was not an easy area, and made us crossing it with all challenges, and happy to see all made till the end without issues.

Look forward to see you again in sand 

Nice weekend and week ahead.


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