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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Solar Park - Dubai - 1 May 2022

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On 5/1/2022 at 3:25 PM, Looper said:

Somehow this drive went on on and on and on. But me as a support role loved it, yes for some may be it was exceeded the expectations, as you would have come with regarding time of exit.

This drive exceeded the expectations of a newbie drive for me since @Islam Soliman pushed all of us to perform a notch above our capacity and beyond a standard newbie drive and gave us a taste of what’s in store as we progress, and believe me you are going to be better off with this experience than without. 

Overall the drive can be segmented into three. One to the Chimney, Second to the triangle also called little Sweihan, and finally exit. we had 3 drives in all. 

I have over 100 drives under my belt and let me confess that Chimney has always been an elusive drive, it is the second time I went there and that too in a newbie drive, (previous one was a refusal-less  intermediate drive). You guys were extremely lucky to be in this amazing drive. All drove quite well and except for one strait up crossing where we had 4-5 refusal (mind you again it was not an easy dune to cross you saw me some what flying while crossing) all performed exceedingly well. At this time we had option to extend the drive or exit. Of course we extended. I have never seen a drive exit when given an option to extend so we did. The top notch performance by all, I think gave our lead to push the drive a level a up.

Next we reached the triangle. This bit of drive was again a fantastic drive. All drive well we had some minor refusals which are expected while reaching the triangle. But the sand by this time was soft and unforgiving. Which resulted in a lot of immediate refusal as soon as we entered the triangle. Wisely we just exited at the entrance and moved towards exit. 

Final segment was the exit, yes we took some time to cross, but just remember that you guys performed exceptionally  to overcome all the obstacles and finish the drive without any issues.

Refusals are not issues, they’re practice for future higher level drives. I can easily recommend all of you to get a complementary promotion if that was a thing. Well done 👏 y’all for a fantastic drive. Yes it was long, yes it as tiring, but it was an Eidi (Eid gift) from @Islam Solimanto all of us and I thank him for this drive.

A big thanks to @munkybizness and @Mario Cornejo at the end supporting the drives in their majestic Y61s and @Emanuel as the second lead. 

@Sam K & @fayaz did not have any issues and you drive quite well.

@Jonny90 in the baby Y61 drive quite well and were good to follow instructions while you had some minor refusals.

@Sunny84 & @Amr Paple you had the most refusal but then I think you had the most learning of today’s drive experience. 

@Ignacio Quindos, @pramod, @Mahmoud Taha, @takeshi sobue y’all had a great drive. See you all soon back in another drive. 

Thank you @Islam Soliman @Looper @munkybizness for all the guidance and support. This was my 3rd drive and i have been blessed by this curse of being the first one to get stuck on every drive. With all the teaching and information shared for this drive will always be a learning experience very close to my heart. 

P.S was out of town so couldn't post earlier.






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