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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Murqab to Lisaili - Dubai - 07 May 2022

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Fantastic morning in the sands, and I can already see the gallery full of photos! @Daniel Rodas some absolutely amazing snaps!

Thanks @JeromeFJ for leading us through a good mix of terrains! thanks to @Chaitanya D for ensuring the convoy remained as one from the back and @Looper for support. Well done to @Daniel Rodas for your first SL!

Few crestings for a few in the convoy, especially in the soft sands, key here is learning what level of power and momentum is required for your vehicle but its all part of the learning. Also a few loops by some of the convoy, but its always better to steer down, loop round and reattempt than getting stuck at what could be awkward angles. I also think some of your cars just wanted to show that they too, can be @Loopers haha! 

@Jose Thomas don't forget to get your front tow hook checked and maybe considering some additional as advised by @Chaitanya Dwho has good experience of Xterra towpoints! 

I didn't managed to get videos of everyone on the final sidesloping but have videos of @Imteeaz, @BHANU PRAKASH VISHWANATH, @Suresh Kand @Daniel Rodas you can whatsapp me on 50 318 0363 and I will send across to you. 

see you all again soon! 

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@JeromeFJ wonderful lead , never looked a first.

It was my pleasure being with you and all others on your memorable first independent lead which was perfect. You were in total control at all situations .

Have to acknowledge @Looper for managing a stuck situation in a tricky spot , which was perfectly coordinated


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