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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Yahar (Sweihan Adventures) - Abu Dhabi - 8 May 2022

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1 hour ago, ASAD. said:

hi @Srikumar could you guide for the nearest pump from the starting point? 

I am coming from al Ain and there are two gas stations adnoc 728 and adnoc 854 both near to the driving point but if you coming from dubai I guess better use in sweihan adnoc 960 if you think your car will consume more gas just carry 20l Jerry can 🤓…. Just my opinion….. kumar will give u better option in this 😎

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Below link will take you to the gas station which is nearest to the start point. But, as @Mus_hus78 said, if you are driving from dubai, you may choose the one in E66 after Faqaa/ Bida


ADNOC Service Station | Al Saad (854)
800 300


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@ASAD. Mustafa has mentioned the nearest gas stations, but you will need to choose based on the route that you are planning to take. As regards to extra fuel, you would not need it. Just ensure that you are filled up your tank to the brim at the gas station near the meeting point. 

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@Naveen Raj @Tom B @Warren Flay @Gregory @Mus_hus78 @ShereenMK @Simon Dawood @ASAD. @Karthikeyan Govindarajan

WOW, that's now a strong FB+ convoy. With plenty of big dunes and bowls we are definitely going to be spoiled for choices. The scene is set for another fast paced roller coaster ride. See you boys in Sweihan !!

Convoy Numbering

1. Srikumar - XJ

2. Warren Flay - Pajero SWB

3. Simon Dawood - Pajero LWB

4. Asad - Prado

5. Naveen - Pajero

6. Shereen MK - LC

7. Karthikeyan - LC

8. Gregory - Pajero

9. Tom B - LC

10. Mustafa - Pajero 

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3 hours ago, Mohamad Anwer said:

Dear Srikumar apologies,  I will withdraw and join my first Intermediate level drive with Islam that is also a closer drive from my home . 

Thank you for your understanding 🙏  😊 


@Warren Flaybro you are on your own tomorrow, some peace of mind from LC WEEEEEEEEEEE! 😃 😊 😀 😄 

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@Srikumar thank you for an incredible drive this morning. As the title suggested, it certainly was an adventure! The early start and long drive to get there was well worth it; large open dunes, no tracks and beautiful scenery as a back drop made it a memorable drive. This is my third time in Sweihan area and it never disappoints. 

Criss crossing “old lady dune” during our “warm up” was certainly one of the highlights. 

Everyone drove superbly this morning, with minimal refusals and no stucks. And the two pop-outs didn’t hold us back for long. Plus gave me a chance to try out my new toy! 

@Warren Flay great job as SL. Not an easy task today. 

@Mus_hus78 thanks for sweeping this morning and I hope the dreaded engine fault light isn’t anything too serious. 

I managed to take a fair few pics along the way and have posted them in the gallery.

See you all in the sand soon.

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