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ASAD. has been promoted to Intermediate level

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1 hour ago, Mark D said:

Congratulations @ASAD.! 🤘🏽🤘🏽

Thanks Mark

6 minutes ago, Thomas Varghese said:

Congrats @ASAD.. It was apparent during our last drive that you will soon be promoted. 

Thanks Thomas for the kind words. I guess it means u will see more of me now 😅

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1 hour ago, Rob S said:

Great job @ASAD. prados will soon be filling the intermediate drives! 

Thanks buddy. Ya toyota better give us some perks for so much marketing 😂

5 minutes ago, Vaibhav said:

Congratulations @ASAD. on the promotion. Be ready for some pace . 

Thanks man. All locked & loaded now, cant wait for the 1st inter. 

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13 hours ago, Rizwanm2 said:

Congratulations @ASAD....


thank you 

12 hours ago, Hisham Masaad said:

Congratulations @ASAD. well deserved and well done

thanks @Hisham Masaad looking forward to the super dose of adrenaline now :) 

4 hours ago, Shaaz Sha said:

Well done @ASAD.. Congratulations bro

thanks bro. hope to see you soon. 

2 hours ago, Morshedi said:

Congratulations bro Enjoy the new level  @ASAD. 

Many thanks bro. im sure you will be joining soon. 

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