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Afternoon Intermediate Desert Drive - "Il Sorpasso": Al Ain District to Dubai - 10 June 2022

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23 hours ago, Thomas Varghese said:

I'm in

@Thomas Varghese the drive is open


7 hours ago, ASAD. said:

only 8 RSVPs? guess will have to be on toes to get into this one.. 

Hi @ASAD. If you wish, the drive is open.

22 hours ago, Joji varghese said:

@Ale Vallecchii wish to join the drive 

Hi @Joji varghese. The drive is open, 

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8 hours ago, Waqas Parvez said:

@Gaurav @Ale Vallecchi i am unable to my add my self in going because of 1 drive per week restriction,can you manual add me, thanks.

Hello @Waqas Parvez. I believe the reason is that the drive reached its maximum of 8 cars. Let me see if we can extend the convoy. Thanks

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