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Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Qudra - Dubai - 17 Jun 2022

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Thank you @M.Seidam for the good drive, the amazing detailed de-brief and the extension that we were lucky to have, definitely deserve the drive from Abu Dhabi.

Happy birthday, and hope you a blessed year full of love, happiness and success.

Thank you for @Gregory for a perfect SL and happy to see you again 🙏🏼
@munkybizness for his great support and clear instructions for the rest of the convoy, great meeting you and good to finally put a face into a name.

@Zixuan Huang - Charlie Amazing skills and great support for the middle of the convoy, good to see you again.

@Ranjan Das great sweep and happy to meet you and drive with you.

@all, amazing team with great driving skills.

see you all soon.

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Thank you dear friends for your wishes 🙏🙏🙏

3 hours ago, Islam Soliman said:

what a great way to celebrate your 27th 😜

Best guess what  I have got 😂

12 minutes ago, Gaurav said:

When an off-roader starts celebrating their Birthday in the desert with extending family, means off-roading has reached the core of your DNA.

It did long time back , it felt even younger 😄

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9 hours ago, M.Seidam said:

Drive report ( enjoyable eventful night drive ) 

Dear Friends 

I am so glad that no one has missed the little surprise 😄 eventually as @Ashutosh Garg exit came just past midnight ! 

By 21:30 🕤 I looked around and realised that the 13 cars including my self are ready so I took the lead after ensuring that every one is aware what is it like to drive in the night. Starting to move at 21:48 on the short dirt track passing Abdallah’s dune looping around it to encounter our first stuck as @Ashutosh Garg by a foot slipped in and awkward like position with the rear of his X wedged almost in the V like pocket. with proper shovelling by the team and coordinated instructions from both sides ( by @munkybizness and myself ) he managed to get through amazingly. 

Proceeding forward to side sloping and crisscrossing with a period of pause on the radio indicating every one was enjoying their time till we reached Richie’s bar where we had our official coffe break under the 3/4 “red moon “ now 


The next event of the night came when our friend @Ashutosh Garg had a nasty pop-out for his right front wheel while in oblique super soft incline upon descent along with it we realised that the rubber around the stem got torn which made a gap that couldn’t be sealed and we had no choice than to replace the tyre which turned not same size which meant an exit for obvious safety reason. Thanks to all team for engaging in sorting out that issue. It took us a while !
the nearest exit was to run along the track to bab shams entry/exit known point to us and there the time already passed 12 by 15 minutes. the moon now becoming more glowing through the mild misty surroundings with a rainbow hallo around it or how my 27 year old eyes could see it 🤣 . Thank you guys for your sincere wishes. 🙏 


it’s too early to finish early and with agreement of every one we vanished once more in the desert in a relatively faster pace than ever enjoying what was remaining. The third event came when @Tareq Al Turq managed to get his prado stuck as he lost momentum after criss cross and the car was hanged belly Free in between the two dunes. The only way is to pull from front after clearing the sand from the front bumper. The best would be to winch it the little uphill and luckily our sweep saviour @Ranjan Das did that like a pro after we cleared the recovery zone.
the 4th event had to be mine and no one else as usual “ the swimmer 🏊‍♀️ sunk in the shallow water “ as we say it 😅as we were approaching to exit. With little patience on the gas and fine steering and effective feedback communication from the outside team our ropes kept safe always 😄

The time pointed at 02:20 when we were on the new dirt track leading to our same point from where we started . I thanked every one for the lovely night for their tolerance patience and sincere wishes and forgive me for the time stretch in this report as well as the drive itself 🙏


@Gregory you never missed a step in the drive nor an acknowledgment on the radio you gave the warnings even before my hand could grasp the radio . I hope your wife enjoyed the drive and wasn’t late ending for her. Thank you my friend for being my second lead .

@Dinesh Kumar A despite for being away for a while ( in carnity at least ) you managed your prado very well with good self recovery here and there. Nice meeting you for first time.

@Tareq Al Turq you drove very good no doubt and you gave us the spice of winching you tonight . As you see the more easy on the gas with little patience will keep your vehicle easy on you too 😉

@Ashutosh Garg nice to meet you too for first time . You have got a powerful machine for the desert . The more you know about it and it’s spare parts the less trouble you will be in . Wish you best and please don’t forget to replace the damaged tyre. 

@Joseph Raju second time we meet . I don’t recall any issue maybe reattempt once or so . Hope you enjoyed the night drive and thanks for the hydraulic jack 🙏

@topgear thanks for the company along with the others. Didn’t hear you on the radio which explains enjoying the  tranquility of the night drive.

@Simon Dawood happy to see you bro . Driving no question. Thanks for the share and help. Do I really look like a 27 year old ? I thought younger 🤣

@Haitham Khattab pleasure meeting for first time . I wasn’t wrong when I kept you with the wrangler pack behind . I am sure you enjoyed it a lot . Flawless and thanks for your stepping forward whenever the situation arise for help🙏

@Amr Aydin I hope the distance you crossed from far was worth the night drive . Thanks a lot for actively helping in the pop out and unscrewing the bolts . You gave me the lever to lift up the convoy my dear 😅

@munkybizness your presence especially behind the first part of the convoy was crucial . You are the true playmaker in any drive and you have always been so . Thank you 🙏

@Zixuan Huang - Charlie I hope this drive could let you catch up from the last time in pink rock and for this one I am pretty sure you have got what you wished for 😉 thanks buddy for everything 

@Ranjan Das it has been for a while really since we drove together what a pleasure and peace of mind to know that you are at the rear of the convoy not letting any one to slip away in the dark .🙏

Till we meet next time in another night drive take care drive safe and be good 




Thanks so @M.Seidam for the lovely drive. I really like these night drives they kind of make us learn how to focus on all the human senses ( even the 6th sense at some points 🤣).

happy birthday D.r . The few grey hairs are making you look a bit older than 25 ...😂.

Thanks to all the great people who joind the drive and looking to see all of you again soon

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Many thanks Dr @M.Seidamfor organizing such amazing drive on Friday night to ease the mental work stress accumulated during the work week. 

The night drive was truly intriguing and tested our patience and skills with multiple challenges that the convoy was able to overcome.

@Dinesh Kumar A nice to meet you and hope you will be a regular again

@Ashutosh Garg I hope you managed to get your car fixed

@munkybizness @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Ranjan Das @GregoryAmazing support from you guys

@Joseph Raju @Simon Dawood It was nice to be driving with both you. Simon's lights gave me a lot of confidence as I have very clear vision ahead and the sides.

@Tareq Al Turq @Haitham Khattab @Amr Aydin Good to be driving with you all as well. 


It was also a nice surprise and timely break for some dates for the extra energy. I wish Dr Seidam a great and healthy year ahead. The camaraderie of this convoy was great. The early morning drive home made me feel very accomplished and satisfied of a great night out in the desert.

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Happy 27th birthday @M.Seidam 😂 - we value you posting a drive, and taking the time and effort involved in doing so, and sharing the moment with us...

The heartfelt comments and drive recollections from your followers show, without a doubt, that it is appreciated - the drive produced various challenges, and as usual, well handled and contributions made by all team members in different ways contributed towards an excellent result. If I recall correctly, @Zixuan Huang - Charlie "wished" for some stucks during our pre-drive briefing, and it would seem that the call was answered.... 

So good to be in the desert at night....I've been waiting for these drives...  ample confident, practical advice and guidance from @munkybizness (thanks for the compliments, and by the way you have a writing gift), @Ranjan Das securing us from the rear and showing us how to use a winch 👍. I must say, the combination of darkness, humidity affecting visibility and super soft sand made for some challenging moments.

As someone who is in charge of, and works with teams daily in the work setting, it never amazes me how much can be accomplished when the team has a good leader, travels in the same direction, each member is respected, involved, assisted when needed, and feels they are able to make a contribution to the bigger purpose.... The team begins to take on its own personality and dynamic separate to the individual members. This drive provided a great example in this respect. 👍

Have a good week everyone. 






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