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Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Qudra - Dubai - 17 Jun 2022

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2 hours ago, Gregory said:

each member is respected, involved, assisted when needed, and feels they are able to make a contribution to the bigger purpose.... The team begins to take on its own personality and dynamic separate to the individual members.

Absolutely 🙏

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17 hours ago, topgear said:

Many thanks Dr @M.Seidamfor organizing such amazing drive on Friday night to ease the mental work stress accumulated during the work week. 

The night drive was truly intriguing and tested our patience and skills with multiple challenges that the convoy was able to overcome.

@Dinesh Kumar A nice to meet you and hope you will be a regular again

@Ashutosh Garg I hope you managed to get your car fixed

@munkybizness @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Ranjan Das @GregoryAmazing support from you guys

@Joseph Raju @Simon Dawood It was nice to be driving with both you. Simon's lights gave me a lot of confidence as I have very clear vision ahead and the sides.

@Tareq Al Turq @Haitham Khattab @Amr Aydin Good to be driving with you all as well. 


It was also a nice surprise and timely break for some dates for the extra energy. I wish Dr Seidam a great and healthy year ahead. The camaraderie of this convoy was great. The early morning drive home made me feel very accomplished and satisfied of a great night out in the desert.

You are gifted my friend in writing ✍️ and driving in a team is no less as well 👍

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it was indeed an exhilarating drive. The most challenging part for me was the last bit of technical terrain, not only because the soft sand , tight turns and darkness caused troubles, but also because we all getting tired in late hours, thanks to the cigarettes from @Joseph Raju I was able to make it to the end without problems.

Thank you @M.Seidam for the drive and happy 27th birthday!, thank you all the support, guidance and leadership, as always I am learning from you in every single drive, and hoping for more !

Nice to meet some new faces and the familiar ones, all of us were drove very well and everybody enjoyed the drive ( at least I did very much) , Till next time!

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