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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Murquab - Technical Terrain Transit - Part 3/3 - Dubai - 18 Jun 2022

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Dear Dune surfers!

@Karthik Raptor @Joseph Raju @Tareck @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Prakash Anoop @Alexanderrr @Morshedi @Ashok chaturvedi @topgear @Tareq Al Turq

I hope you are having a good week and looking forward for the weekend!. We have a long waitlist for this drive so please confirm if you would be joining. This will help me to plan the drive and workout to see if we can accommodate atleast the first drive waitlists. you can click ( totally agree) on this post to confirm.

Also for the waitlisted @Shaker @Jose Thomas @Trekado @Senthil Kumar @Anoop Nair @RiaanJH @Naim Aoun we still have some open slots in other drives this week!!.


Let me know if you would still be interested for this drive otherwise!

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Unfortunately the only fewbie + slot is in abu dhabi and I takes 4 hours on the road + 4 hours off road so it's very hard to join

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4 hours ago, Tareq Al Turq said:

confirm Mr Soni and see you there 😉

@Tareq Al Turq Will u be camping in Qudra after Friday night drive, which finishes at 1am or come from drive to Murqab and camp there for your satday 5am drive ? 😃

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2 hours ago, Senthil Kumar said:

@Gaurav Soni Confirm the availability for this drive from my side, I did not enrole in other drives, 

@GauravSoni Confirm I am on your Sunday drive but not with any other drive 

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