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Afternoon Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - "Amici miei": La Zingarata - Dubai - 20 Jun 2022

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Dear @Ale Vallecchi Good morning, I am really sorry that I have to leave this drive as I am not feeling well. I will make a space for another member to join and enjoy with a professional leader and  all members of this convoy.🙂  we will do it next time soon. ✌️

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Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for the fun drive yesterday afternoon. We were totally in line with the concept, a group of friends wandering through the desert, guided by a nice line of dune crests, a group of trees to watch from closer, a few oryxes or gazelles to chase, or just a nice end of the afternoon light, making this dune more attractive than the other.

Still the sand was soft, the crests sharp, the ridges tall, and full attention and control was required from all of us. Maybe the relaxed atmosphere led to more stucks than expected. Considering the burning afternoon heat, we used more directly the rope than the shovel, to save time and energy. 

Thank you all for joining, and bringing a good spirit to the drive!


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Amici Miei: La Zingarata - Drive Report

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" - Rumi

What a joy to re-discover, at least for myself, portions of Qudra that I had visited during my first drives with Carnity, but had avoided for quite some time, due to traffic congestion. It was impressive to see how the warm season (keeping drivers away) and some strong winds (remodeling the dunes' surfaces) have managed to restore this well beaten terrain to an almost virgin state.

It was great to take the 12 gypsies who showed up for the "Zingarata" - the unplanned, wandering drive - around the newly chiseled dunes, following a series of visual markers: the pylons, always looming to the south, the antenna marking the Endurance Farm next to Bab al Shams, a group of trees growing in the technical dunes between Qudra North and Qudra South, and finally the glass pyramid marking of Solar Park's Innovation Center.

A meandering track covered in leaps and bounds, with bursts of fast driving, mixed with refusals and stucks, that signaled the mix of a relaxed attitude by the convoy (occasionally underestimating the terrain's apparent easy features), and the actual degree of difficulty posed by some slopes, crests and bowls (especially for the back of the convoy). No matter how downplayed Qudra may be by the off-roaders' community, which considers it an easy ground for more advanced drivers, it still manages to hide some nice ridges and bowls that, if taken at good speed, can offer a higher degree of difficulty, as well as some pleasant technical areas, where each car's maneuverability and responsiveness can be put to the test. 

In the middle, the sighting of a group of oryx climbing dunes, as well as large and small herds of gazelles, as well as a couple of moments dedicated to some stretching and chit-chatting.

The full itinerary, from Qudra's Last Exit to Solar Park's Innovation Center, covered 58 Kms, driven in 2:04 hours (plus 48 minutes of stops), at an average moving speed of 28 Km./h.

Well driven by all members, with @Ashok chaturvedi taking Second Lead's (and First Photographer's) responsibilities, and @Trekado, @RiaanJH (nicely executed first FB+ track), @Santoso Marjuki, @Senthil Kumar, @Alexanderrr (assisting from the middle of the convoy), @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, @Lucky sAm (looking forward to see you in your new vehicle) and @Shaker safely shepherded by @JeromeFJ in Sweep.

Looking forward to the next installment of the movie-themed midweek drives, soon to come on these sands!

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