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Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Sweihan - Abu Dhabi - 1 Jul 2022

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Thank you Doc @Chaitanya D for the great adventure yesterday. It was Full of of fun, criss crosses,  slide slopes and bowels. Really enjoyed every moment, specially the mutual Nissan Support:) .Great Support from @Zed, he is the smooth operator in tugs & resourceful with the track bar in side stucks

@Amr Aydin, great second lead and always pleasure to drive with you.

@Brett Eicher great to see your fixing skills in action in addition to your driving skills.

See you all again soon

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This drive was a crazy amount of fun, had an absolute blast. Thank you again for organising and help with the battle wound @Chaitanya D!! "What happens in Sweihan stays in Sweihan"... next to a tiny, rubber grommet 😂😂 Please return to lost and found anyone who finds it 😂

Great to see your jeep in action @Amr AydinYep, cable ties worked a treat, poor Doc and I must have walked away from that surgery with half-dozen burn marks.

Great to see your jeep in action, as well @Haitham Khattab and perfect colour choice. I hear red adds an extra 200hp 🚗

And with you at the wheel @Zed... who needs mods!! 💪 Thank you again for the contact info 👍

See you guys on the next one.

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