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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Faqa - Dubai - 10 Jul 2022

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It has been a few weeks since my last drive and good to be in the sand again. 
I actually started my drive on 2WD and without switching off my abs, airbag and all the gizmos 😅. Deflation is king so thankfully I managed to disengaged all the driver’s aid and engage 4WD whilst crossing the first small dune. 

Thanks @Vanessa8580 for showing us a variety of terrains and challenges as mentioned by @Warren Flay 😆

@Waqas Parvez you indeed had a busy day today and thanks for all your efforts and offers for help when I had my refusals. @Sam K I hope you got your car issues resolved ahead of your travel. 
@Imran Kashif I enjoyed driving with you, you handled your FJ really well although it was only your first drive in the FJ. Enjoy the car. 

To the rest of the convoy, thanks for coming out. See you all next time. I will share more photos at the gallery. 

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1 hour ago, topgear said:

Deflation is king

That is true . You reminded me of a drive in the winter from lisaili to Qudra I forgot to re switch the 4WD and I didn’t realise it till when we were on the track exiting 😅 .. helped in that the wet compacted sand and not much of criss cross .. etc . . Caution : at time this might be dangerous after certain height climb and driving in soft sand 

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Hi everyone,

I am sorry for the late message. I traveled the day after the drive. I got the car fixed and everything is up and running well, it is a Toyota after all 😄. Also, for the record, the poor pocket had nothing to do with the break failure, it was just the last straw. In a way, I’m glad I got to find the issue then not when I was driving at highway speed (anyone remembers the old movie Speed!).

Thank you all for stopping and helping in an effort to identify the break issue.

Until the next pocket 🤗


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