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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Badayer - Sharjah - 16 Jul 2022

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@Ashok chaturvedi bhai you are the only one left from wait list if you confirm that you are coming I will add you to the rsvp confirmed list

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38 minutes ago, Ashok chaturvedi said:

@M.SeidamYes please if space available I would be honoured sir.. 

my pleasure sir , i have added you to the drive 

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Dear Freinds

Morshedi @Morshedi


Karthik Raptor @Karthik Raptor

Prakash Anoop @Prakash Anoop

Trekado @Trekado

RiaanJH @RiaanJH

Rob S @Rob S

Alexanderrr @Alexanderrr

DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler

Joseph Raju @Joseph Raju

Ashok chaturvedi @Ashok chaturvedi

and from the support team Charlie @Zixuan Huang - Charlie

Please Note that our radio channel is updated it radio channel 3  ( 44605625 )

Below is convoy list


see you all tomorrow at 0500 sharp inshallah 


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6 hours ago, Joseph Raju said:

Sorry I cannot drive today because of severe back muscle pain

No worries get well soon dear 

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@M.Seidam and all, thank you for the lovely drive this morning. Iftar bowl was fun! Good to see some new faces and it was an excellent convoy 🙌🏼

Have a good rest of your weekend, see you in the sand soon!


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Drive Report 

Driving early ahead of time thinking that i will be the first one to arrive. surprised to see already three cars almost ready and it was not even 5 am so by then every one was there preparing to have a blast in this iconic area of Sharjah desert. I truly appreciate the punctuality and passion which says it all about how great you are my friends.

starting slowly to get the feel of the sand and keeping not far from exit line but parallel to it and not for a long till @Rob S had a leaking air from his tire and we agreed to safeguard it by early exit. 

resuming the drive back and directly now boosting it ascending and descending cluster after the other with steep climbs at some times sensing the sand is being cooked under our tyres. never gave up despite couple refusals which cleared by nice self recoveries and successful reattempting in one hand and few re routing in few occasions on the other hand. 

our only stuck of the day which required rope recovery came when @Trekadogot bogged in a soft patch that the 4 tires sunk in. done safely in no time after which i asked every one to recheck the pressure and keep it on 12 PSI regardless of tyre type or how heavy is the car. after this we reached Iftar Bowl directly from behind like a woke in the park and there every one took time 2 to 3 attempts to experiment climbing from either side or just straight up till top and down. while sipping my coffee in my air conditioned darkly tended X my eyes never took off on them enjoying and feedbacking on the radio whenever required. 

heading to super bowl were the way to it was even more fun than the bowl itself in and out bowling criss crossing sharp crests from hard to slip and from slip to hard some times in sequence and that was epic and the climax of the fast drive .

looking into my watch to realize that its time to push the landing gear and start to slowly descend taking a small loupe stripe of technical dunes in between trees and some scattered camels here and there till we reached the dirt track and existed at Tawi Ghadaya. you know guys non of my drive is free from technicality the most what i love and hope you loved it too.

@Rob S sorry that you day was cut short but even till then you did amazing as second lead. hope you sort out the issue soon. take care my friend.

@Alexanderrr you drove like a pro today and was a treat to see the Pajero climbing till top of iftar bowl today.

@Trekado pleasure meeting you for the first time. after lowering the pressure in your tires it was different as you see and remember deflation is the king in sand driving. well done my friend.

@KAMALIO nice drive you are getting finely tuned with the different terrain as we drove many time and this is big plus my friend.

@Karthik Raptor seeing the raptor climbing and hearing it roaring in the middle of the convoy but fine and smooth you offered a track to follow for the back half is testimonial of how good you were today. well done.

the wrangler pack  @Prakash Anoop @Morshedi @RiaanJH and @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler I believe guys you had a ton of fun knowing it from the big smiles at the end of the drive . pleasure driving with you all . and i almost forgot thank you @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler nice meeting you for the first time and thanks for taking over the sweep position after Rob's exit. your communications were clear and relevant.

@Ashok chaturvedi bhai its always a pleasure driving with you thank you for the initial sweep and then the second lead. your care for the convoy is always remarkable and effective .thank you 

@Zixuan Huang - Charlie thank you dear for being in the middle and for all the guidance in self recoveries and advices.

i enjoyed today very much and hope you all did . till we meet take care and drive safe 





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Thank you @M.Seidam for this drive, I enjoyed it a lot, even when we had to reroute a few spots the tracks were still amazing💪💛

thank you, @Ashok chaturvedi, @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler and @Zixuan Huang - Charlie for your support,

@Rob S I hope you got your tire fixed, see you soon,

everyone did great, and we all had fun climbing the Iftar bowl 💛

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