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Twilight Newbie Desert Drive - Margham - Dubai - 16 Jul 2022

Chaitanya D

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Drive report 

coming back to Margham after a long gap for a twilight drive was perfect setting especially for new members to learn the nuances of desert driving. This terrain challenges with the puny looking dunes which can challenge the best of drivers .

All was well till dark and following the break , the night bought us to the challenges resulting in multiple refusals , stucks, crests and pop out. All sorted in time with good team work .

@takeshi sobue did well for his 2nd lead role , I would urge you to be more communicative as that is what is needed as your experience builds up. Always a pleasure to have you

@Thejas Uthran our absolute NB (as per his first drive with Carnity) drove well for someone who was driving in a longish convoy with more experienced members especially at night . Love the way you have prepped your car and you the potential to get better from here . please join the whatsapp notification group for getting regular updates on the drives posted  and go through all information below 

MUST READ: Offroad Club Structure, Levels and Rules

whatsapp.png Carnity Drive Notification

Wranglers driven by  @MChatt89 and @James Lovell hardly had any issues given their skill with the awesome cars they drove . Well done 👍🏼 .

@Waqas Parvez was wonderful as support - center forwarding , shoveling , advising and tugging all over the place including me when I was stuck in a soft climb unable to get out 😀. Thanks for your support buddy 

@Anthony Cupit my X mate did well. You have a great reliable car which will take you to more higher and tougher places 😜. There is tons of information on how you can get to know  your X better - have fun.

@Andrew McCarthy experience was evident as he hardly had any issues negotiating the terrain even at back on churned up tracks . Well done 👍🏼 

@Brett Eicher amazing energy and enthusiasm coupled with a classic XJ built to the hilt for desert . Love how you drive - no issues this time and no surgeries 😀😀

@Gaurav Soni our expert support swept and kept the bunch together. Amazed to see how he has got so many sensors to detect the surprises in the terrain 😜😜. Thanks for your support.

please do share your pictures or videos in the drive gallery

see you all until next time.




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