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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Muraqqab to Qudra - Dubai - 24 Jul 2022

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Prompt start shortly after 530am and immediately had chances to practice side sloping and ridge riding (lots!). We had a nice mix of really fun trails mixed up with technical sections. And there were lots of patches of really soft sand requiring good use of momentum and concentration. 

As mentioned by Thomas, we had some tricky recoveries which resorted to the employment of a winch after shovelling having minimum impact. The stuck cars from the leads meant we could all observe a methodical attempts of self recovery with no drama, no panic and good use of blip blip on the throttle to try and free the respective cars. 

The radio guidance was informative and educational. It was a great drive and ticked all the boxes for fewbie level! We even saw some local wildlife being in the conservation area!

Thank you @Rizwanm2, @Ashok chaturvedi @Pacific @Gaurav Soni and @Thomas Varghese for the great support and the rest of the convoy for a great drive!

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Well friends it was quite fun and adventures drive we had yesterday little bit more than what i expected.  First of all thank you everyone for coming on time we started soon after briefing around 5.45 The warmup session was really smooth we hardly had any refusal or stucks. There were quite a few mid to long range dunes, Everyone had plenty of opportunity to polish their skills of ridge riding and slide sloping, Then we came to very long range dunes with longest slid slope. I was able to witness good car control from everyone. But unfortunately our friend Thomas had a pop out while navigating his car with lots of churned tracks.  with the help of everyone it was a quick fix.

After a  small break we were back on the move, The next session was the technical until we reach another set of long range dunes,  It was quit a challenge for me to read these dunes, even though it appears hard the sand was super soft in lots of places. i think i had lots of refusals due to tricky sand. but rest of the convoy was doing great with minimum guidance.  

When we reach  second set of long range dunes we were back on ridge riding one after the other, And then we had our pickle situation, it was at  the end of beautiful ridge riding i ended up in bottom of a pocket wedged between 2 dunes, before i could announce second lead @Gaurav Soni was also in the pocket so immediately announce to stop 3rd car. Welldone @Gregory Powell for driving with good sense of awareness. Then we started recovery of 3 cars from the pocket @Thomas Varghese explained situation well and it was great team effort from everyone. special thanks to @Ashok chaturvedi and @Pacific 

@Gaurav Soni Thank you very much buddy, for all the support and guidance for the whole team including me. 

The FJ boys @Sam K @Federico Galbieri @TT_Dubai @takeshi sobue @Ashok chaturvedi You guys performed very well, 

 @Jonny90 i see lot of improvement compared to my last drive with you, welldone. 

@salah2u you also did great handling beast of a machine. 

@Pacific thank you for joining and lending your hand as much as possible in every recovery. 

last but not least @Thomas Varghese Thank you pulling everyone together and sweeping the convoy. 

I saw couple nice pictures in gallery, if others also have more pics please add to revisit our memories later. 🙂 


Thank you all, see you soon on another drive. 🙏



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