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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Tawi Nazwa - Sharjah - 30 Jul 2022

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@Hisham Masaadthank you for the wonderful drive,it was perfectly balanced with technical and high climbs,everyone in the convoy drove beautifully,for me it was more of fewbieplus drive😅 and a good learning experience,when @Jonny90got stuck early in the drive my first impression was no way we can shovel and get him out,but with your guidance we were able to shovel him out within no time,thank you @Abdelghani for the 2nd lead you are for sure following your father's footsteps @Miguel Codes  @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Jonny90 it was pleasure driving with you for the 1st time @takeshi sobue @Naim Aoun @Imran Kashif it was great to drive with you guyz again

@ASAD. thank you for sweeping the convoy and supporting 

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Great drive as usual thanks to @Hisham Masaad great choice of terrain.  Today's drive was fast and furious at times and that was exhilarating... 

Thanks again for all and especially @ASAD.for the quick tug that made my refusal seamless... 

Will be back in 3 weeks for more. 

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@Hisham Masaad wonderful drive as usual and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be sweep, my first time in this position and absolutely loved it. 
like @Waqas Parvez mentioned, the drive was more Fewbie+ with some steep climbs but the convoy did exceptionally well to meet the level. @Abdelghani thanks for being SL, no doubt u have your fathers skills im sure you’l be leading some madmax drives of your own soon 😅

@Waqas Parvez great job as support, your promotion is well deserved. 
Hope to see you see all soon. 

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