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Evening/Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Pink Rock to Big Red - Sharjah - 20 Aug 2022


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Totally a flawless drive! Almost 50 kms with those long breaks says it all. Weather being cooler with a mild breeze, it was perfect time to take the chairs out and enjoy the terrain in between the fast paced night adventure.

Few pics in the gallery. Thanks @Kailasand everyone for a memorable one ūüôŹ.


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Hey carnity Champs,

when I arrived at the meeting point I felt like a junior on the first day. And for the first time I could feel that I was a little bit nervous when I started the engine. But I embraced the challenge and accepted that I am the ‚Äěweakest‚Äú part of the chain! And what should I say you big boys were awesome. It was a blast I again learned a lot and gained more confidence with slower sideys and climbs in soft sand!
Thank you @Kailas for spending your Saturday evenings with us - it was a good mix of pure adrenaline and dopamine during the romantic breaks! Thx big boys for having me! Looking forward to adjust to your level in some months to enjoy more drives with you!!! Have a great Sunday and a good start into the week! @Rajiv Sam@Sunil Mathew @Vaibhav @Ashok chaturvedi @Waqas Parvez @Karthik Raptor

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@Rajiv Sam @Felix Obst @Sunil Mathew @Vaibhav @Ashok chaturvedi @Waqas Parvez @Karthik Raptor

Thanks you all for joining the drive. Everything was perfect: the convoy, the pace and the beautiful weather.

It was a fluidic drive where I never had to slow down or hold for any recoveries. We could drive with the continuous momentum. We tried a lot of climbs before sunset. Surprisingly the big red area had hard sand because of the rain, so we tried to concentrate our fun near the pink rock area. We had many breaks, the last break area was really elevated allowing us to enjoy the view and weather.

Thank you all for the team work and looking after each other.

See you all soon.


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@Kailas and the team drivers.. It was one of the 100% perfect drive where the thrills and drills were there with absolutly no untold incident. The best part was to sit on a mountain dune on relaxing chairs and enjoy the chit chat. Thanks Kailas sir appreciate very much and look forward to be on your forthcoming drives. I further thank the two recently nominated young support drivers... well done. 

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@Kailas - excellent drive, smooth lines, enough adrenaline  and great  overall itinerary with intermittent breaks, time to relax and have some small talk ...I should say it was a test for me and the Fortuner, mainly  in terms of long climbs, pace and navigating cross tracks at many places with a stock suspension, but my car did not let me down , and honestly i was amazed at its climbing ability on first gear and the way it holds the gear at high revs...

On 8/21/2022 at 6:31 AM, Vaibhav said:

I know jeeps are the best. @Sunil Mathew I know you agree with me on that.

I am not a contender to this toyota vs Jeep fight at all bro. you should pick someone of your size, probably @Rajiv Sam¬†or @Waqas Parvez¬†:-)¬†...i am a good 50 hp less than you guys ..ūüėā¬†..anyway so far , am happy with my choice¬†ūü§ė

Good to drive with you @Felix Obst, and veteran @Ashok chaturvedisir, i echo what @Vaibhav said...always good to listen to you and your experiences and frank opinions..

Good to meet you @Karthik Raptor, see you on the next drive

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