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Pajero 3.8 whistling sound !!!

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Hello Guys, 

I have noticed a whistling sound from my car when i drive on low speeds , the sound seems to be coming from the front side of the bonnet ( I notice the whistling sound in the videos I capture )

i have my camera installed on a tripod on my car hood so it get the chance to capture the sound , below is a clip where you can here it .


it might be normal but i thought its always better to ask around the experienced guys we have in here 

thanks guys in advance for your advice 

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Hi @Simon Dawood is that whisking sound coming during idle? Did u open the hood and try to identify the tentative location? 
the sound typically comes due to a leak in the intake … vaccum sound… 

I used to have a whistling  sound which was identified as a leak in the intake … that can severely damage the engine as some sand can get into the engine…

get is checked thoroughly …

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Hi @GauravSoni thank you for the advice and you are right it is related to the air intake system .

after trying to investigate the issue for a long time i figured out that the sound is coming from the front part of the air intake because i fixed an insulation foam ( which was a bit bigger than the original one and causing an air flow restriction then the hood was closed  ).  

i have checked the following reading which seems normal:

1. vacuum ( around -20 at idle it goes up to - 0.5 when i rev up )

2.  AFR its always within the 14.7 value nd can go down to 11.5 when i rev it up 

3. Intake pressure between  4 and 11 Psi 



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