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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Lord of the Rings - Little Sweihan - Dubai - 11 Sep 2022

Varun Mehndiratta

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Dear all we have 12 confirmed members and 6 WL. I have already extended the drive for 12 (instead of original 10 driver). Considering terrain and drive plan won’t be fair for anyone to extend any further the convoy size. 

So request all to review your plan and please  update rsvp in case of change in plans, latest by tomo afternoon. Let’s not wait till last min. 

For those who won’t be accommodated, I regret the same however promise will schedule another drive in the region with same or hopefully improved  theme sometime soon. Thanks for your understanding. On behalf of @Looperand myself. Thanks 
@Imteeaz @Beide Worku @Imran Kashif @Salim Akhtar @Sam K @Rob S @Ranjan Das @Senthil Kumar @Tareq Al Turq @Haitham Khattab @salah2u @Amr Aydin

WL 1 @Chris Wing

Wl 2  @Mahmoud Taha

Wl 3  @Alexanderrr

Wl 4 @Daniel Rodas

Wl 5 @Peter Hager

Wl 6 @takeshi sobue

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Dear Sand Sailors

With less than 18 hours to go for this drive through the treacherous dunes of Little Sweihan, find below the convoy order and other details. Looking forward to see you all, let’s bring our A game on.. nothing less than that would work in this terrain. 

We have a long convoy and a good mix of experience - so let’s implement the Platoon concept we experimented with in our last drive. Believe most of you are aware of the same, for others will share during the pre drive briefing. 
Channel : 3

Meeting Time : 530am 

Meeting Point https://maps.app.goo.gl/ATc8SASUigiP8xo28

1. Varun in his Grey Wrangler

2. @Senthil Kumar will be SL

3. @Salim Akhtar in his Pajero

4. @Chris Wing in his FJ will be our 1st platoon leader.

5. @Mahmoud Taha in his silver Xterra 

6.  @Tareq Al Turq in his Prado

7. @Looper in his Yellow Wrangler is our CF as well as 2nd platoon leader.

8. @Haitham Khattab in red rubicon swb

9. @Imran Kashif in his maroon FJ

10. @Rob S will be our third platoon leader.

11. @salah2u  in his Patrol

12. @Amr Aydin in his wtangler

13. @Ranjan Das in his Rubicon will be our fourth platoon leader.

14. @Imteeaz new day, new role, new challenge will be sweeping the convoy in his golden Safari. 

See you all tomo morning. 

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Hi @varunmehndiratta very unfortunately I am going to have to drop from this drive. I went for a drive yesterday and I have a christmas tree going in my dashboard. I couldn't get it sorted today unfortunately.

Hopefully someone from the wait-list can fill in @takeshi sobue @Mahmoud Taha @Alexanderrr @Daniel Rodas@Peter Hager @Piaras Cushnan

Drive safely everyone,


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5 minutes ago, varunmehndiratta said:

Hi @Sam K thanks for letting us know in time, all the best for the vehicle, hope nothing major. Hi @Mahmoud Taha are you available to join. Please advice. 

Based on discussion with Mahmoud have updated the convoy order. See you all tomo 🖖

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