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Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Big Red - Sharjah - 9 Sep 2022

Chaitanya D

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18 hours ago, munkybizness said:

What was extremely surprising and perhaps one of the largest challenges as I followed Doc, was that while the climb up to the top of the dune was hardened, there were deposits of soft sand at the top on seemingly flat surfaces. This required a change in driving styles as most of us let off the power just as about half the chassis clears the top of a dune. 

Spot on @munkybizness, because we were hitting the hard looking  softer sides on purpose - it seemed even more challenging . Appreciate all your help 🙏

6 hours ago, Andrei S said:

found myself in a tricky situation at the beginning of the drive but thanks to your expertise I was able to recover safe and sound.

All part of learning , leveling your skills the moment you think you are never going to get stuck. You did very well in a composed manner to get out of a tricky spot @Andrei S

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