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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Checkpoint 200, Area 53, Sharjah - 18 Sep 2022

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2 hours ago, varunmehndiratta said:

Hahahah this drive is all about driver skill all these vehicles are well capable of treading through this treacherous terrain (or atleast that’s what @Carnity wants me to say .. keeping unconscious bias aside 😃😃)

Very true @varunmehndiratta it's always about the driver skills, FIRST.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Dear Sand Sailors

I am busy with some engagement tomo, so sharing the drive details a bit in advance. Its good to see that we have had no drop outs from the original confirmed drivers as yet. I hope it remains like that - in case some minor changes we will adjust the convoy at meeting point. 

We still have 6 WL, so in case someone's plan changes, please update on the forum at the earliest - so as to ensure the next in line has time to plan for the drive. 

Meeting Point : https://goo.gl/maps/JkhE9hDwve8mkkU99

Meeting Time : 5:30am

Channel : 3

Convoy Order : We will be following the Platoon concept - dividing the convoy into small platoons supporting each other with refusals, stucks etc. While all are expected to self recover and manage, just for those tricky moment, each platoon will be headed by a platoon leader.

In case of any emergency, feel free to contact me at +971 50 4430 882.

1. Varun in Grey Wrangler

2.  @Morshedi in Yellow Wrangler will be SL,  Intermediate or FB + your position is fix. :)

3. @Ahmad Shaker in his FJ

4.  @Zixuan Huang - Charlie will be our 1st Platoon Leader. 

5. @Fabien Monleau

6. @Imteeaz

7.  @Looper will be our 2nd Platoon leader as well as CF.

8. @ASAD. and his white prado will be at 8.

9. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler

10 @Waqas Parvez in our second prado of convoy will be our 3rd Platoon leader. 

11 @Vaibhav

12. @Anoop Nair wrangler 
13.  @MMansoor will be the sweep and 4th platoon leader

Now convoy is all set for Pardo and Wrangler friendship 😀 



@Daniel Rodas

 @Daniel Yang

: @Gok Krish


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11 minutes ago, varunmehndiratta said:

@Anoop Nair with good support and a strong convoy have extended convoy by 1 and you are added to drive, please confirm your availability 

@varunmehndiratta confirmed. Thanks 

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