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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Qudra - Dubai - 24 Sep 2022

Chaitanya D

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Top session all amazing session and a great way to start the weekend.






I camped there so between 11am and 3 am stars were standard 


but at 4am all I can say is wow. Not quite liwa wow but still fantastic 




19 hours ago, munkybizness said:

And for the rest of the convoy, @imranaasghar81 is an amazing camp-mate to have. So if any of you feel the fancy to do so, you'll be in phenomenal company.

Too kind bro

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My first Newbie Lead , Drive report

Now I know why leading a Newbie/Absolute Newbie level is , I would say not difficult but unique. understanding and building a trust between the lead and the fellow new drivers is crucial to the success of this first drive to them. No less is the rule of the support team on board. I was honoured having Dr @Chaitanya D and @Mehmet Volga supporting me in this drive from the start till the end whom without their calm approach and cool smile This drive wouldn’t be possible. 


Extending my sincere thanks to @imranaasghar81 an experienced intermediate driver who was at the tail of the convoy keeping a watchful eye that no one is left behind as well as contributing effectively in the recovery of a stuck situation of one of our friends. 
equally i must say thank you to every one who showed up even ahead of time to the meeting point almost ready and who shared their passion and thoughts about todays drive and did more than great even for the completely new ones. 

After checking on every driver and his own vehicle as well as checking the two way communication is set we moved on the track till we entered the huge sabkha where we stoped and an intensive briefing took place clarifying the important safety points pertained to this level and emphasising on the communication and convoy discipline to be maintained at all time. Then we headed to conquer the desert 🌵 


Coming from leading higher levels I needed to recalibrate my style and the route helped in that the many times assisting in such drives and the pre drive discussed preparation but more than that the continuous support of all team during the whole drive 🙏

I hope the aim was accomplished so for the new ones could have the  chance to initially get acquainted with their own machines in the safest possible driving environment like the desert which by all mean is far different than driving on the tarmac. It’s just the beginning so if you have got already hooked ( like I and many did ) prepare your self for more exciting drives to come taking the off road ladder step by step. 

@Khyber as for first time in the sand I believe you did very well. Well done . It was pleasure meeting you. @Lucasfirst time in a convoy .coming from quite far ahead of time revealed the spark of enthusiasm for this team sport. You gave opportunity to others with your crest and we deal with it. Your calmness and clear communication was noticeable.very well done 👍. @Salvador Perez very well trial of self recovery but don’t worry with practice you will become more better in it . It was pleasure meeting for first time . @Karthik Raptor what a pleasure seeing you driving the Jimny today , you proved it’s always the driver who steers the wheel even if it was a “ mini raptor “ 😅
@Nathan L and @Brett E guys you did more than wonderful today . Pleasure 🙏 @imranaasghar81 I liked the way you performed the rope recovery today so smooth and sequentially increasing intensity . Thanks for the sweep and assisting. For sure you are part of the team 👍

Great Day passionate drivers and professional team what more could I have wanted !

Thank you all and take care 




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It was wonderful being back in the desert and seeing old friends @Chaitanya D @M.Seidam and @imranaasghar81 after such a long time. Congratulations to our new Marshal @M.Seidam. Looking forward to join many more under your lead.

The convoy was really good, every driver dealt with the sand very well. Huge step forward in your offroad journey... 💪

See you all again on the next!

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@Chaitanya D @M.Seidam  Thanks a lot for the great drive last weekend, we really enjoyed it and we'll be back for more :)


@Khyber @Mehmet Volga can you recommend a place to get the skid/bash plates for a Pajero done? Preferably in Abu Dhabi?






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