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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Back to Shuwaib - Sharjah - 1 Oct 2022

Hisham Masaad

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Amazing drive team.

Since the start, @Hisham Masaad was in the mood to push us to our (and cars) limits; I was struggling to keep up with his pace, and had to forget everything and keep my foot on the gas pedal to be able to climb these dunes.

The coffee break + dates (not planned) was most welcome.  I wish we could have more breaks like this in the future drives as it helped to have all of us getting together and really enjoying a break.

@Ranjan Das mate I hope that you will be able to get the Jeep fixed in no time; I understood that you were stressing out with the car - keep the faith mate.  I am sure that you will back in the sand in no time.

@Karthik Raptor  mate you show-cased the power of the V8 while pulling the Jeep through the dunes.  I am not sure what we could have done without you.  BIG THANKS buddy.

@Islam Soliman good to see you again mate.  I felt that your presence and calm provided all of us that extra peace of mind and direction while WE were all trying to find the shortest and easiest way out of the dunes to get to the meeting point for Ranjan to be able to call the recovery truck.  Your coordination and understanding with @Hisham Masaad was great.

@Waqas Parvez @ASAD. @Mohamad Anwer @Simon Dawood @Sunil Mathew @MMansoor @Abdelghani @Vaibhav  you all contributed to an amazing drive, which was short but sweet.  I am looking forward to drive with the same team in the near future.

Finally - it made me realised that we all leave our family in the morning (or afternoon) to come and enjoy a bit of sand and dunes, and that sometimes things do not go as planned.  The incident with @Ranjan Das car was a reminder for all of us that we should keep taking this as a hobby between buddies, and help each other when and where we can.  We all got together as a TEAM, and each of ones contributed positively in every way to this incident.

@Carnity  is not only a club for me (and for us); it is an opportunity for us to get together on a regular basis, enjoy a couple of dunes, and then sit down and enjoy a coffee.

On a side note, I managed to get my RTA approval today.  I had to replace the valvetronic with the stock muffler yesterday.  As I am writing, the garage is busy putting back the new muffler.

Cheers gents

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Was a great drive for sure @Hisham Masaad, at least for the time we "drove". It was picking up pace and getting more interesting when the unfortunate break down happened. It was an IM baptism for my Fortuner, and a welcome back to IM drives for me after a gap of almost 4 months as i was selling my yellow Jeep. Coincidentally , my last IM in June was in the same area with @Islam Soliman - welcome back to the sands. 

Yesterday , undoubtedly, was a day which we were blessed to witness the exemplary leadership and quick thinking from our marshals @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman , planning and executing the tough tow recovery through the path of least resistance to get to tarmac as safely as possible. Not to mention the skill, grit and willingness displayed by @Karthik Raptor - kudos man, really admirable!! 

@Imteeaz - great SL, and was nice following you

@MMansoor , @Simon Dawood, @ASAD., @Mohamad Anwer @Vaibhav - good to see you  guys

@Waqas Parvez - great support and nicely executed tug, as you said - expecting Shuwaib "reloaded, soon from Hisham, although i was not part of the previous episode :D

Hope @Ranjan Das  and the grey wrangler comes out unscathed and expecting to drive with you next week itself!! Being optimistic 👍🤘

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it was the shortest warm-up ever ( i would say 5 tire rotations 😅) before @Hisham Masaad unleashed the Power of his Fj against the soft big dues of shuwieb,  where everyone tired to keep up with his pace . 

The unfortunate event with @Ranjan Das Jeep changed the plan into finding the safest and nearest exit which was amazingly planned by @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman and executed by the mighty @Karthik Raptor Bro amazing driving, it not the V8 that made it possible but its the great driver behind the wheel ( Hats Off ).💪

Shuwieb is really unexpected, as @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman went to find a safe exit , i got myself pulled into a very soft and relatively small pocket but them saved by the rope of our wonderful Support @Waqas Parvez ( thanks Man for the Tug) .

The friendship bond that you can feel between the convoy member was very interesting to witness on that day . usually we don't get the chance as much to sit, chat, and discuss different topics. but you could tell that everyone was worried about @Ranjan Das car and hoping to get it out to the safezone in one piece. 

@Imteeaz flowless SL

@Sunil Mathew @MMansoor , @ASAD., @Mohamad Anwer @Vaibhav always great to see you guys, i am sure we  will conquer shuwieb next time 💪.


@Ranjan Das i hope your car issue is fixed , looking to see you soon .


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