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Desert Newbie

Nathan L

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Hi @Nathan L you did great job in my first Newbie lead last Saturday. Well done and see next Saturday I believe . Pleasure  👍

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Hi @Nathan L Fantastic choice , with both the C's, First is @Carnity and second is the Car! 😎, You have many here who can give you a lot of inputs on how fantastic Pajeros are! I have done my first drive with @Vanessa8580 in her Pajero, and followed by that with @Gaurav and quite a few drives FB and above with @Gaurav Soni with their respective pajeros😎😁! So going by this, am sure u will be soon leading the convoy, matter of time;) 


See you soon in sand✌️🤘🏽

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Hi Nathan, welcome to Carnity.  
I am driving a LWB stock Pajero and I am loving my Big Blue ! You made a good choice with the car, they are very reliable and once you get to really know your car you can do anything with it, even making it to Marshal like I did 😁 

Good luck and I hope to see you soon in one of my drives 😉

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Welcome @Nathan Land glad to have you on board.  Have had quite a few drives with you and you have done extremely well from the very first one.  Like the others have said, the SWB Pajero is quite capable and you handle it really well too. 

Welcome again and thanks for the additional help on the drives with the shovel and also when we had to remove the lower fascia on the lexus recently. 

See you in the sand pit soon. 


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Hi @Nathan L, welcome to a family-like community. I am sure you have felt the warm welcome from the start and this will will continue throughout your journey in @Carnity. As a proud Pajero owner, rest assured that it is an unstoppable car. I am no expert driver (Yet) but I have been enjoying the journey to date. One piece of advice I can give you is it’s always 20% car and 80% skills, regardless of what car you drive. Make sure you pick the brains of every single lead in every drive, listen, watch and enjoy your journey as you grow week after week. 
Welcome on board! 

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