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Michelin LTX tire review needed for sand


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11 minutes ago, M.Seidam said:

what happened to you white X terra ?

He saw the light and made the smarter decision to get a Y61 instead, where he will spend more on fuel but will spend less on braking as everybody will just move out of his way 👏🤣

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I finally bought the Michelin LTX Force today and will update the sand review after the Liwa crossing.

Below is the key information that I like to share as of now:

Tire size: 275/70/R16

Yokohama Geolander - AT: 17.20 Kgs (Half-life used) so 18 Kgs (New).

Michelin LTX Force - AT: 19.10 Kgs (New).

Michelin XLT - HT: 17 Kgs (New) - Road & Sand friendly but not an AT.

I wanted to move away from Geo since G015 didn't live up to the G012 longevity and since all other AT were heavier than Geo so based on that plus based on my previous LTX (now XLT - HT) sand experience, I went with Michelin.

They come with 5-year warranty or 70,000 km, so the steep price will be justified eventually.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-16 at 10.41.04 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-17 at 3.36.47 PM.jpeg

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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@Gaurav  i am a big fan of Michelin for the comfort conditions that they offer for onroad; for offroad, i do not have experience.  so i will be waiting for your update over the coming months.

i am currently running with Geo - am happy with the drive conditions, up to now.


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@Gaurav, I've also switched over to the Michelin LTX Force ATs recently. I've done a lot of highway driving with them taking them to Liwa in December, and a fun-run through the Yellow Truck area. They were pretty capable overall.

I'm running the 275/65/R17 variant. 

On road, I definitely find them to be about the same noise as the Geolandar GO15s, but less stickier after warm-ups than the Geos. Through corners, a warmed up set of Geos would hold a cleaner line than the Michelins. I've noticed that the LTX brakes much better though.

Off road, the sidewall flexes much lesser than the GO15s on the Y61, which even at 13psi would sometimes look they were almost flat. But the flex is still a lot more aggressive than those that I've seen on Cooper AT3 4S and BFG KO2s.

Visually, I find the Michelins appear taller than they are. It's probably because the shoulders of the Geos were a bit more rounded than the Michelins. Currently, I have no complaints but I've barely given them about 1,000kms of run-in.

Let's swap notes in Liwa :) 

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